Fall sports season is covered by Skyline Canopies

By Sandra Christian on October 6, 2018

To many, the crisp morning air does more than bring forth holiday nostalgia accompanied by twinges of preemptive hunger as thoughts of turkey, dressing, pumpkin and pecan pies dance through the mind. For some, the cooler weather is a whistle blowing on a play, colorful flags in the air and the sounds of impact as athletes collide. It’s the rush of adrenaline, the release of endorphins, yes indeed — for some of us, those cooler mornings mean it is time for fall sports.

In the Texas Hill Country, the Christian Federation of Police Officers hosts games on four fields every Saturday in the fall, from midmorning until late in the evening. As a true testament to the thorough foresight, the professional leaders of the CFPO fields are sure to staff medics on each and every game day. The medical care at these San Marcos sports’ fields is provided by none other than a client of SkyLine Canopies. Lonestar 24 HR ER, a freestanding emergency facility is located in the neighboring community of New Braunfels.

After spending the better part of the summer under beautifully designed canopies on the Guadalupe River, passing out hydrating drinks to tubers and whitewater recreation enthusiasts, the Lonestar team truly saw their value in building audience remembrance in New Braunfels.

As a freestanding emergency center eager to build brand recognition in their community, they were not ready to put away these awesome marketing tools. And so, Lonestar 24 HR ER brought them out for the dual purpose of impressive representation and a shaded area for medics who furnish the space with a cot and jump bag, in the event someone should need emergency care on sports fields where injuries are prone to happen.

In bad weather the 10x10 custom canopies can provide shelter from rain and respite from chilling winds. Even indoor association sports like basketball and volleyball utilize the canopies in parking lots and gym entrances as an easy marker and collection spot for ticket sales and the like. Make-shift sporting venues utilize the durable ground cover for concession areas as well.

The expandable size of the tented cover ranges from 10x10 custom canopy to 10x15 feet and as expansive as 10x20 feet. That means each rise as high at ten feet with an option of ten, to fifteen to twenty square feet of covered real estate. Fortunately, they can be stored safely between uses and are easy to bring to away games and other events, as they fold neatly into a wheeled carrier bag.

The bright, showy 10x10 custom tents tower into the Texas skies for sporting events and the playing teams often realize the benefit of having at least one made up for their team. There really are so many uses for a custom 10x10 canopy tent with company logo, and our clients typically put them to use year-round. Did you know you can customize the side walls of your 10x10 custom tent with any logo or high-resolution (vector) image?

Fully customizable panels are perfect when you want an awesome backdrop for player photos! You can even include your sponsors’ logos, a promotional move that goes far in negotiating larger donations and sponsorship willingness in subsequent years. For many of our clients this has proven to be the case so much so that they more than paid for the custom canopies within the first year.

So be bold, stand out, bring your logo in front of the masses and align with the type of company that knows what it means to go above and beyond and not rest until you believe they have gotten your concept absolutely right. Make the vision in your head the reality on the horizon with SkyLine Canopies.

10x10 Custom Canopy | New Braunfels

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