5 Tips for Designing Your Branded Event Display

By Sandra Christian on July 1, 2019

A common sales and marketing strategy for new and established businesses alike is events and trade shows. Giving potential customers the opportunity to meet you and your team, shake hands and even test the product or service can prove invaluable in generating new leads and sales. If events are part of your marketing strategy, then it’s important to invest in a branded display for your event to ensure you stand out among the crowd.

Event pros use canopies, banners, flags and more to draw the eye of potential customers. SkyLine Canopies specializes in simplifying the custom display design process for its clients. Here are five tips to create the perfect custom branded event display.

1. Inspiration Research

Start the process by doing a little research. Social media is a great place to find inspiration. While it only makes sense to check out the competition, take it a step further by looking outside of your industry. Physical storefronts, websites and vendor galleries are also helpful resources to spark your creativity. What catches your eye? Is there something that makes you cringe?

Most importantly, be authentic. Use the inspiration as a starting point and make it your own. The best brands are unique visually and in their message.

2. Use Your Brand Colors

We love colorful custom displays! If you’re planning to use multiple colors in your custom event display, we suggest starting with colors already in use on your website and other marketing materials to establish brand consistency. The familiar colors will help your customers pick your brand out in the crowd, even before they see your business name. If you need to widen the color palette, choose colors that compliment your brand. 

Tip: If you haven't yet chosen your brand colors, think about the psychology of color and your brand, then use a color wheel to pick two more colors from the same side of the color wheel (analogous colors) and a contrasting color that compliment your main color and further convey your brand. 99Designs has a fun logo color generator based on feeling, and we like Adobe’s Color Wheel for further exploration. Black and white can create additional contrast as well.

3. Use Fonts that are Easy to Read

Many businesses use custom fonts for their branding to avoid looking like the competition. While it’s great to use something unique to you and your business, it is more important that your message comes across clearly to the consumer. Script and other handwriting fonts can be difficult to read and may confuse potential customers. When possible, use sans-serif fonts on branded event displays to draw your customers in to learn more.

4. Keep Your Custom Branded Display Simple

It's tempting to include everything about your company and products in your custom branded display, but too much information or an over-the-top design can result in customers missing your message altogether. Keep the message and your graphics simple. Instead use bold colors, large sizes or multiple props to create an experience that stands out.

5. Ask for Opinions

Sometimes we can get too close to a project and have a hard time seeing potential flaws. Once you have your completed event display mockup, it's a great idea to get feedback, especially if you have more than one option.

Family Members and Friends

Friends and family members are generally happy to help when it comes with picking or narrowing down the options for your event displays. The drawback? Often our family members and close friends will be overly complimentary and refrain from offering critique. If you choose to seek feedback from loved ones, consult people you know will give you their honest perspective. After all, your brand graphics and event displays will be with you for a long time.

Your Audience

Many business owners who already have a client base choose to ask their existing audience for critique branding feedback. Share your design on your Facebook page or create a poll in another group-type setting. Another idea might be anonymous survey you share with your email list. You might be surprised by how many people are willing to give their two cents.


Purchase Your Custom Branded Display

When you’re ready to proceed with creating your branded event display, it is wise to choose a reputable provider. SkyLine Canopies prides itself on amazing customer service and custom textile expertise to ensure its customers are 100% satisfied with their investment.

SkyLine Canopies will walk you through the final step of the design process by verifying your design files are the proper type for your project. At SkyLine Canopies we require vector logo files and high-resolution photos to create quality canopies, flags, backdrops, and banners. 

Contact SkyLine Canopies for more details. Use our online contact form for quick questions. If you know what you want or have a couple ideas, use our Request a Quote form and we will get back to you right away with a custom quote for your branded display products.

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