Avoid these 6 Common Custom Canopy Design Mistakes (And What to Do Instead)

By Sandra Christian on July 20, 2020

Custom canopy design and printing is a great way to share your business identity, and it’s an excellent marketing tool when used right. To ensure you display your brand assets in a way that makes a lasting positive impression, here are some common mistakes you can easily avoid to create an effective custom-printed canopy.

1. Not answering your business needs

You’ve decided you need a canopy — that’s great! We encourage writing down what you and your business want from the design and examining your short- and long-term goals. Make a list that answers the who, what and when of canopy design use and ultimately end it with, “does this design make me happy?” Many times people rush into a canopy design that doesn’t encompass all their needs, resulting in lackluster and forgettable design.

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2. Not thinking long term

Our canopies are meant to last, so we encourage you to invest in custom canopy design you can use multiple times in the future. Stick to a classic color scheme, hashtags, logos and slogans established by your company. In our article, Long-Term Event Displays: Reusable Designs for Long-Term Customer Attraction, we mention “when planning your reusable components you should consider deploying only the information that is unlikely to change or will rarely change on those reusable components.” These include your essential brand assets such as your business name, contact information, email address, logo, etc.

3. Don’t assume designing a custom-printed canopy is in your wheelhouse 

Amateur designers can make a number of visual mistakes that can hurt the overall design. We understand that designing a custom canopy can be difficult when it isn’t your forte. It is easy to feel the pull from different designs when you are new to design. Just because you may have many fonts, colors and ideas to use, doesn’t mean you should. While designing your custom-printed canopy, use other companies and businesses as inspiration, but don’t copy!. More often than not, they are keeping their design crisp and to the point. Good design should attract customers, not distract or even negate future sales. When in doubt, let us handle every step of the design and custom canopy printing!

4. Not proofreading!

Not proofreading can make you stand out for all the wrong reasons. People often see even minor spelling and grammar mistakes as a lack of professionalism. Make sure you thoroughly proofread everything on your banner before printing. If you have been working on a banner or canopy design for a long time, it is easy to overlook mistakes that are right in front of you. Always make sure you have a fresh set of eyes review your custom canopy design before it goes to print.

5. Lacking a Call to Action

This may seem like an obvious one, but what exactly is your canopy asking your customers? A mistake commonly made by novice designers is failing to include a call to action. You need a way to pull your customers into your booth. A good banner or custom canopy design should always pique the interests of your clients and compel them to take action. If your canopy is for a physical store, make sure you include the address where people can find you. If your canopy is for an online store, make sure to include a website where clients can view and purchase products. No matter what your business, it is also important to let your customers know where they can find you on social media. You can also use your design to indicate the types of payment methods your company uses so that your customers are more eager to spend.

6. Underestimating the power of design

Custom canopy printing is more than creating a marker for a kiosk. A custom-printed canopy is more than a signal for your customers. Good design sticks in people’s memories, so we recommend going for big and bold dimensions and fonts. Many good designers stick to 2-3 different font types for canopy design. If you go for a variety of fonts and colors, you are distracting your customer from your product, which is not the goal! If you are hesitant about what that means, we are happy to help!t Our team is ready to answer any and all questions you may have. We work with individuals, business and organizations to create stunning canopy designs! Get started by filling out our free  Request a Quote form.


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