Attract Attention with Custom Fitness & Gym Banners

By Sandra Christian on December 21, 2020

As a professional in fitness, you know how important it is to be seen and remembered. There will always be competition, so it is up to you to be noticed first and remembered when it matters. Gym and fitness banners, flags and signs are the perfect exercise advertisement to help reach more people! 

Build Your Brand

Your business is only as strong as your brand, so you need to be recognizable and memorable. With less than ten seconds to capture your audience’s attention, you want your brand to look its best. That means your logo, colors and fonts should be the same on your gym signs, fitness banners and your website. 

When you work with Skyline Canopies, your custom designs will not only look amazing, but they will be consistent! We take your vector logo, Pantone color codes and your exact fonts to create eye-catching fitness banners and flags. Since we only use dye-sublimation printing (embed the dye into the fabric), the color stays true and bright, without peeling or fading in the elements. 

Thanks to our attention to detail and portability, you can feel confident taking your gym signs wherever you go — from competition to field to the weight room. 

The Best Exercise Advertisement Options

Skyline Canopies is proud to offer custom-printed advertising options that are limited only by your imagination. Of course, certain products are better suited to the fitness industry than others, and we’ve rounded them up for you: 

For Personal or Team Coaches & Trainers

Advertisement Flags are one of our biggest sellers because they are portable, can be used inside or out and are easy to see from a distance. With three sizes each in six different styles, you will be sure to find a flag to suit your needs. Choose a 16’ flag to mark your team’s location on the field, or use a smaller 9’ design to mark stations during training. And when you are working with a team, nothing says team-spirit more than your colors blowing proudly in the wind. 

Banners are a great choice when you want to include more text on your in-person exercise advertisements. Roll-up and pop-up fitness banners are quick and easy to set up and take down, so you can bring them on location wherever you are. Do you run an outdoor boot camp? Set up your banner with your company information, so intrigued passersby can learn more. 

For Gym Owners

Backdrops make a big impact when you want to showcase your brand, and are perfect for your gym lobby and larger spaces. Telescopic designs take up minimal floor space but allow you to use images and text to promote what your brand stands for. Share your gym’s vision, success stories or create a display of new training packages. 

Wall Flags and Advertisement Banners are meant to capture attention outside the gym. Use wall-mounted gym flags with your logo to stand out from neighboring businesses, and make it easier for new clients to find you. Advertisement banners come in sizes from six to sixteen feet tall and are designed to flutter in the wind. Whether you choose a simple design in your colors or create something special to celebrate a grand opening or sale, your gym will be sure to be noticed. 

For Fitness & Strength Competitors

When you compete in multiple competitions and attend regular trade shows or promo events, you are going to need versatile and portable options to take with you on the road. 

A Table Cover folds up small and gives a polished look to those generic tables. We’ll help to place your logo or contact information in the perfect spot so it looks great at every event. Our stretch table covers keep your logo looking perfect — no distorted images here! 

Canopies are excellent to take along to competitions and events with your team. The canopy provides a spot for the team to gather while also boosting visibility to your team or gym. With half-wall and full-wall accessories also available, canopies are great for outdoor events too!

Advertisement Flags and Banners are light and simple to set up. Choose these items when you want to add flair to the competition stage or draw attention to your booth at a trade show. Fitness banners offer a larger printing space, so you can include your social media information, your stats or other fun facts about you as an athlete. 

Stand Out in the Community

During pandemic times, communities are sticking together more than ever in an effort to stay strong. Individuals are supporting small businesses first, and are seeking out opportunities to spend their money locally. Help them help you! 

By utilizing professionally printed, quality gym and fitness banners, your business will be easy to find (and remembered). It is time to #BeBoldStandOut in your industry, and Skyline Canopies is here to help!

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