Banners and Tents for Covid Testing

By Sandra Christian on January 18, 2021

A lot has changed since the late winter of 2020, and the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on businesses around the country and the world. As these changes have happened, businesses have had to adapt and overcome the challenges brought on by shutdowns and quarantines, and SkyLine Canopies has been there through it all. Now, though, our canopies and tents are able to make a huge impact on stopping the spread: testing tents. Tents that would traditionally be used for festivals and fairs are now becoming medical COVID testing tents that feature banners and space for medical professionals to collect and quickly prepare samples. 

Importance of a Place to Test

Because of the nature of the virus and the way that it spreads, many testing locations across the country are outside so that people can simply drive through or walk up. It would be impossible for medical workers to stand outside in the elements all day waiting for people to stop at COVID testing locations. Tents and canopies placed strategically allow staff members to have a place to stay out of the elements and also somewhere to prepare the samples. Medical COVID testing tents from SkyLine Canopies provide a safe shelter to keep staff (and samples) away from heat, rain and other unfavorable conditions! 

Protection With COVID Testing Tents

No matter what type of testing site you have, SkyLine Canopies has a tent that will work for you. While our canopies are very durable, you sometimes need a bit more protection. We have optional half-wall and full-wall accessories that can be used on all sides of the tent. This creates more separation and also more space for you to advertise your testing or vaccination site. PVC walls are especially helpful for COVID testing sites because their transparent design encourages distancing while still giving you full visual access.

Additionally, all of our canopies are made with high-quality materials and printed using dye-sublimation that creates a consistent and professional look. 

Choose our square 10’ x 10’ COVID testing tent option or one of our rectangular (10’ x 15’ or 10’ x 20’) for a little more space to prepare samples. Each of our canopies is constructed with durable aluminum and made to be taken down and put back up regularly. 

Explore canopies that can be used for COVID testing sites! 

Advertise With Banners

Are you ramping up testing in your community? Or are you getting prepared for droves of people eligible for vaccines? Either way, you’ll definitely want to advertise your site so that people will know exactly where to go to get tested or vaccinated! Our COVID testing banners are the ideal solution. 

Choose the banner option that works best for you: 

  • Standalone Rollup Banners are the perfect solution for any testing site that moves on a regular basis. If you’re traveling around your county and setting up in different spots, our rollup banners are easy to break down, take on the road and pack back up at the new location. 
  • Vertical Banners provide a sleek look and are an excellent choice for advertising your COVID testing site to passerby.
  • Table Top Banners work well when you already have tables and tents set up at your testing site. They are easy to attach and work wonderfully with our easy to clean table covers. The height afforded by these banners is excellent when you want more visibility at your testing site.
  • X Banners are durable and easy to use. They take up slightly more space than other banner stands but work great for helping direct people in COVID testing lines.
  • Straight Fabric Banners are a great solution if you want to reuse the banner for different purposes (even after the pandemic). They are easy to switch out and have a very durable base for outdoor use.
  • Snake Banners add a unique touch and are eye-catching which is exactly what you want when you’re trying to draw people in to get tested. 

When it comes to your COVID testing banners, the options are limitless! Include your logo, testing information and even directions for lines at the testing location. Like our canopies, banners from SkyLine Canopies are made with the highest quality materials and a dye-sublimation process to ensure a professional look. 

Even with vaccines on the horizon and hope on the rise for the pandemic to slow down, nobody knows how long it will last. Whether you need a medical tent to use as a COVID testing tent, a place to safely give vaccines outdoors or COVID banners, let SkyLine Canopies help. We even have high-quality non-medical PPE that you can customize with your logo and easily add to your order! 

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