If there is any time to #BeBoldStandOut, it’s as a beauty vendor at a large event. In an industry known for taking pride in appearance and turning heads, your event booth needs to make an impact. Attract a crowd with a custom-branded event display from All In Canopies.


It only takes eight seconds to make an impression (sometimes even less!), and at a big event like the Austin Women’s Expo, first impressions could mean the difference between winning or losing the sale. We don’t need to tell you that the beauty industry is tight with competition — it’s essential to make those eight seconds count!

With a custom-designed event display from All In Canopies, you will:
Get noticed from across the room
Stand out with consistent and professional branding
Be remembered long after the event
Focus on making connections and closing the sale, NOT worrying about your displays. All of our products are long-lasting, durable, and simple to set up and take down.
In an industry built on looking good and leaving an impression, product and event displays for beauty vendors have to reflect the beauty of your products and services. We offer backdrops, table covers, banners, teardrop flags and more, custom-designed to fit your brand. The next time you see event attendees and potential customers, they will say “I remember you!” — all because you took the first step and requested a quote from All In Canopies.
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The beauty industry was recently valued at more than $532 billion. With people willing to spend money to look good and feel confident, it’s necessary for your business and brand to look the part too! This is especially true for widely-recognized events like the Austin Ultimate Women’s Expo and even more so for virtual events.

Whether you are planning for an upcoming event or adjusting your operations to the new “normal,” it’s more important than ever to present your business in an attractive way. Position yourself as an expert with an eye-catching and on-brand display that showcases your products, services, and before-and-after images.

Before you even speak, your potential clients will see exactly what you offer when you use display items like:
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The beauty industry is all about details, and your potential clients are willing to spend money on things that make their beauty routine easier, cleaner and prettier. By presenting a cohesive display, it shows you care about attention to detail — and that can translate into your products and services too.

Show your current and potential clients exactly who you are, what you offer and why you should be their first choice. By presenting a beautifully branded look, people will feel that you can and trust that you are an expert.

Whether it’s a backdrop, table cover, or banner, All In Canopies has you covered.
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The beauty industry is built on word of mouth and relationships. This can make it hard to market yourself at big events like the Austin Ultimate Women’s Expo. That is why it is important to #BeBoldStandOut and showcase your business with the fanfare it deserves. An on-brand, eye-catching display is exactly what you need to be noticed at any beauty industry event.

You are the professional in your industry, and we are the professionals in ours. Our talented designers will get to know you, your brand, and your products and services. Then we will work together to create the exact event display your business needs to feel pretty and rise above the rest.

If you aren’t sure where to start, let us help you. Use our online chat option below, or use the promo code #IFeelPretty for your FREE request a quote form. Start attracting your ideal clients!
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