What’s a Brand Ambassador and Does Your Business Need One?

By Sandra Christian on October 7, 2019

When it comes to how to spread the news about your business, that’s where a brand ambassador (or a multitude of them) comes into play. A brand ambassador is essentially a person that helps you influence customer sales by posting on social media, networking with community members and discussing your business in a positive way, among other things. The title, position, or reference to a Brand Ambassador is not a new term in the marketing world, however, not all businesses acknowledge the need.

Types of Brand Ambassadors in Texas

Did you know that EVERY business has at least one Brand Ambassador? Yes, even your business! 

The truth: YOU are a Brand Ambassador for your business. Whether you are just starting out or have a staff of thousands, each and every person on your team is actually certified as a Brand Ambassador of your business.

Your Brand Ambassadors are all around you – and some may not even work for you (right now) - but let’s take a look at some of the specific brand ambassador roles.

ALL Employees

From the owner of your business to the individual that greets your clients as they walk through the door - each person is a Brand Ambassador. Some individuals may wear the title more often depending on their role, but consider every employee a Brand Ambassador and educate and celebrate their contributions to supporting the business.

Marketing Team

It shouldn’t be a surprise that your marketing team is one of the most official Brand Ambassadors. They’ve helped create, curate and promote your business and your brand. They may even have some of the official titles such as Brand Coordinator or Brand Manager. 

Sales Team

Your sales team is 100% Brand Ambassadors – this is a job requirement. Your sales team should be specialists in understanding the business mission, products and supporting your clients. 

Dedicated Brand Ambassadors

More and more companies are creating a dedicated team of Brand Ambassadors (paid roles) to attend community events for the purpose of promoting the business – they are the #BeBoldStandOut team! This team is not always about making sales, but more so on encouraging brand awareness, networking and product education. 

Next time you are at an event look around and see if you can identify those Ambassadors (look for their Tents) – they will be the ones handing out free ‘stuff’, getting crowds excited, and having a blast promoting their business. 

Friends & Family

Of course, your brand ambassadors might not be directly involved with your business. Your friends and family (and the friends and family of your employees) can act as Brand Ambassadors, too! If they believe in you, your business, or who you work for, they may be excited to share and promote your business.


Some of the BEST ambassadors are your own clients! When your clients invest in you by buying your products they are now officially/unofficially your Brand Ambassadors. If they are happy with the service or product you provided, they will share that with their friends and family members. (Keep in mind that if they aren’t happy, they’ll share that as well, so make sure that each point of contact with the client leaves them feeling satisfied.) 

How to Fully Utilize your Brand Ambassadors

A brand ambassador is only as good as the tools and education that he or she has.

In House

If you have a team, it’s time to let them know they ALL have a new title “Brand Ambassador” in addition to their current job title. Their job, like yours, is to represent your business and its brand. 

Next, you need to suit up your ambassadors with the tools they need to represent your business. We encourage you to make a big deal of this – a new title is pretty exciting! 

A launch party can make a great statement about the importance of each team member. Remember, you want to make your Brand Ambassadors – your team – feel official and excited about their new endeavor.

How To Launch Your Brand Ambassadors:

  • Kick Off Meeting – This is a meeting all about getting excited about your business and your brand. Let your team know their new title and what it means to the business. At the meeting go through a refresher of your Brand, Mission, Vision and expectations of what a Brand Ambassador is to your company. Get your team talking and excited about being an Ambassador.
  • T-Shirts – Everyone loves FREE stuff... so you might consider giving the entire team a new t-shirt. It won’t hurt to have your employees in the shirts outside of business hours…walking advertising! Plus when your team attends that next big event, everyone will look fantastic standing under your custom-branded canopy.
  • Communication – Set up an online location where your business can communicate upcoming events, networking opportunities or updates on your brand. Keep the engagement consistent.

Tip: When your employees are not in the office, they are still your ambassadors. Your employees will be fielding questions or curiosities from their friends and family regarding where they work and why they work there. Make sure they have the information they need to speak confidently about your business.

Provide the Necessary Tools

Once your employees know about their new positions, you’ll want to ensure your marketing team (paid and unpaid) has all the tools ready and available to get you and your business out there. 

Consider creating a Brand Event Plan to keep all of your members on the same page, no matter what the event. You’ll want to make sure your plan includes a custom-branded SkyLine Canopies Tent, Table Cover, and Flag and enhance your kit by including giveaways, business cards and information sheets. 

Check out our recent article on ‘How to Maintain Brand Consistency at events to learn more.

Outside the Business

It’s also important to take special care of the ambassadors that are outside your business, including your customers, family members, and friends.

As a thank you to your clients, beyond their purchase, you may want to consider giving a token of appreciation – a shirt, a hat or a shout out in your Facebook Group. Your clients are now part of your marketing plan, so remember to keep them in the loop with regard to your brand and business.

Likewise, feel free to suit up your friends and family with t-shirts and fun giveaways they can use in their daily lives. Having a community of people wearing your branded gear can be really exciting.

Your Business Needs Brand Ambassadors in Texas

No matter what industry you work in, your business has and needs brand ambassadors. The key: knowing who those ambassadors are and utilizing them to their fullest potential. 

Contemplating a trade show or a marketing event? With the right equipment to work with, your brand ambassadors will look great and feel successful. Contact SkyLine Canopies today for your custom-branded canopies, advertisement flags, table covers and more. We can’t wait to be your brand ambassadors, too!

Brand Ambassadors in Texas

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