Build Your Brand with Custom Real Estate Banners

By Sandra Christian on November 16, 2020

When you are a real estate professional, your name is your brand - and you want it to stand on its own no matter what company you choose to align with. Custom real estate banners, open house flags and signs are a creative way to draw attention while building awareness for your personal brand. 

Simple On-Brand Solutions for Realtors

In order to stand out in real estate, you need to show up consistently in a way that is both recognizable and memorable. Having your own branded open house flags and real estate banners is an easy way to take your message wherever you are. And, just like you are the professional when it comes to buying and selling homes, SkyLine Canopies is here to make it simple for you to get creative with your custom products. 

  1. Consistent Branding: The best branding looks the same across all mediums. We will use your exact font, vector logo and Pantone color to ensure your real estate banners reflect your company and your attention to detail. And when you use SkyLine Canopies for all of your custom printed items, like table covers or trade show displays, you can be sure that everything will be coordinated and look great together. 
  2. Brilliant Colors: We use dye-sublimation printing on all of our custom products. That means that the dye is embedded into the fabric, not printed on top. With proper care, your brand’s colors will not fade, peel or bleed when exposed to the elements, so your banners will look as amazing at the last open house of the year as they did at the first. 
  3. Creative Solutions: Are you tired of stomping those square, plastic “Open House” signs into the ground? Have you ever wondered if people even notice them anymore? It’s time to #BeBoldStandOut with a custom open house sign or real estate banner that makes people look twice. With banners and flags in a myriad of sizes and shapes to choose from, you can throw out those cookie-cutter signs and you’ll soon be recognized for your creative approach to selling homes. 

Top Products for Real Estate Professionals

Custom Open House Signs

Your open house signs don’t need to be generic! A custom open house flag shows that you care about the small details as a realtor, and that will be noticed by the rest of the neighborhood and your future clients.

  • Flags: We offer six flag styles in multiple sizes, with the tallest being more than 16 feet high! These flags are ideal for garnering curb-side attention, or when you are working in dark or hard-to-find locations. 
  • Door Wraps: A door wrap greets open house attendees with instant curb appeal. Choose a fun message like “Welcome Home” in your font and colors that you can use at any open house. But from the buyer’s perspective, you’re literally gift-wrapping their next (potential) home! We love that door wraps are quick to put up, and are small enough to fit into your bag when it is time to go.

Real Estate Banners

Custom real estate banners are an opportunity to highlight your brand and what you are best at. Our X-banner stands are a flexible advertising option with ample space for words and big images, plus the option to change out the fabric insert. That means you only need to buy the frame once, but you can repurpose it for different events. Perfect for the busy realtor, our banners are made to travel with light aluminum frames and are purposely designed to be easy to set-up and take-down. 

Set up your banner in your office, take it with you to public events that you sponsor and then place it by the information table at your next open house. Wherever you need to go, SkyLine Canopies has a solution for your visual marketing needs. Read more about Event Displays for Real Estate professionals.

Building a strong client base in real estate can take time, so it is important to focus on creating a brand that attracts people. Items like custom real estate banners and open house flags will get you noticed for all the right reasons: professionalism, attention to detail and creativity.

When you work with SkyLine Canopies, we will help you choose the right products for your needs while ensuring they match your brand — all with quality materials at a competitive price. Contact us today for a free quote


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