How to Surround YOU and Your Business With Greatness

By Sandra Christian on September 9, 2019

Your business is thriving — why? Did you do it on your own? Did you engage with a bunch of people to make your dream a reality? Did you craft the best business display? Set up the best business custom tent? Did you attend seminars? Did you reach out to people to talk about your ideas? 

Or, did you do it all on your own — on an island?

It's More Than a Business Custom Tent

As much as we want to assume we can do it all, we can’t. The reality is that we need to surround ourselves with greatness in order to succeed in building our businesses. Greatness is more than having business custom tents. In fact, greatness comes from our mentors, leaders, competitors, community, friends and family.

But what if you haven’t launched your business, or maybe you are just starting out and you haven’t surrounded yourself with ‘enough’ greatness yet? Not to worry! There is no time like the present.

No matter whether you are already surrounded, or are looking to expand your reach, we have some great tips on how to surround YOU and your business with greatness.

Step 1: Build Your Confidence

It’s time to park the shyness, rip off the Band-Aid of perceived shame, and stand tall! In order for your business to be successful, you need to evaluate yourself first. This could come in the form of taking a course to learn more about the industry or focusing on self-care and balance. 

In the business world, one way to help build your confidence is to work with a Mentor or Business Coach.  

Mentor Coach

Fit will matter in finding the right mentor coach for you. Find a mentor who is in the industry that you are in, or someone you admire in the business world. Once you have zeroed in on a Mentor ask them out for coffee and see if you and your mentor are a good fit. Tell them about your business, and then be honest (dare we say vulnerable) about why you have asked for their support. You need a confidence builder — you need to practice and you need honesty. 

Business Coach

Business Coaches can be worth the investment, but finding the right one can be a challenge. Fit matters here, too. A Business Coach can help you hold yourself accountable to your personal and business goals. If you are questioning or need to be challenged with regard to your business strategy, a coach can help walk you through your roadblocks. 

When looking for a business coach, do you your research and take advantage of their FREE discovery calls. When you find the right fit, you’ll have someone to keep you motivated. 

Step 2: Networking, Networking, Networking

Once your confidence is in check, put it to the test and get yourself out there. Surrounding yourself with greatness will require a lot of networking. Networking is easy-peasy if you put yourself in the ‘right’ situations. Sitting at home and blogging all day is not networking. Attending seminars in your industry, reaching out to leaders for coffee to pick their brains, or hosting seminars to give back to your community or industry are just a few ways that you can network with others. Plus, when you talk to others, you get the opportunity to share your knowledge, including where you get your business custom tents. 

Where to Start Your Networking?

Networking is easier than ever in this digital age. Take some time to search out local business, entrepreneurial or commerce groups. Even your own personal groups can be considered opportunities to network: mom groups/play dates, baseball teams, kids school councils or your local church. Any opportunity to introduce yourself and potentially talk about your business is networking.

Check out the Communities/Organizations that SkyLine Canopies partners with!

Memberships Can Have Their Perks

We love membershipsand much like networking — we are already engaged in quite a few. We love to give back to the community, learn from our peers, and use every opportunity to network through our memberships.

In most cases, memberships will come with a cost, but you should consider that cost to be an investment in you and your company. If a Membership is offering a meet and greet – go. If a membership is hosting a speaker that interests you – go. Memberships can be a great way to find and surround yourself with like-minded individuals. 

Network With Your Clients

Having a client is a business relationship which means that they are part of your network. 

Your client has bought or invested in you for a reason – it could be due to your product, your service or maybe what your company and your brand represent. Now, let’s reverse the conversation; they like your company, do you like theirs? Is there something about their business that motivates or inspires you? Taking the opportunity to learn from your clients can help your business grow as well. Who knows, they might even give you feedback on the business display that first attracted them to you!

Surrounding Your Business with Greatness & Business Custom Tents

Remember the old saying "what goes around, comes around?" Well this applies to surrounding yourself with the right mentors, coaches, organizations and clients. Make a good impression, embrace the knowledge they offer and apply it to your own business as necessary.

Look around — are you and your business surrounded with greatness? If not, what’s your plan to get yourself out there?

If you plan to attend a networking conference or just want to have your brand noticed in the community, check out SkyLine Canopies’ custom branded event gear. We have business custom tents, advertisement flags, table covers and everything else you might need to make your business display the best one yet. Contact us for more information.

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