Be Winter Ready with SkyLine Canopies

By Sandra Christian on October 28, 2019

The FUN doesn’t have to stop when the temperature drops! Whether you are participating in an outdoor event, selling at a carnival, showcasing at a sporting event, or lining up for a parade, SkyLine Canopies has you covered – literally - with our New Braunfels Tents and Canopies for Winter Events.

SkyLine Canopies’ products are created to showcase your BRAND and keep you covered rain or shine, warm or cold. Our products are specifically designed to hold up to the elements. With three different sizes of tents, we have the perfect size to meet your needs and ensure you are able to #BEBOLDSTANDOUT.

Canopies for Winter Events

There is a rumor floating around that tents and canopies are only for “nice” weather and that’s just not true. Our Canopies are durable enough to keep the rain off and help to re-direct the wind away from you.

Our canopies are made from 600D polyester canvas, which is one of the most durable and lightweight materials available. To ensure our canopies are 100% waterproof our material is coated in Polyurethane (PU).

Take That Winter!

If the elements are still a bother and you need just a little bit more coverage, you might want to consider adding an additional feature to your order with an extra panel or three.

By closing off all three sides of your canopy you not only add additional privacy and security, but you’ll be protected from the elements on those three sides. When you choose to add those extra panels, you also increase your display opportunities through print on the walls of your canopy. That’s a #WinWin for your brand, your comfort, and your image.

New Braunfels Tent Vs. Canopy - What Do I Need?

For the chillier weather SkyLine Canopies recommends using a Tent vs. a Canopy. Also known as frame tents, our tents are made with heavier, thicker material and provide better coverage and shelter from inclement weather. Canopies (also referred to as pop-up canopies) are made from a lighter material which makes them easy to set up, but not as effective for those chilly and windy days.

To request a quote for a new tent, canopy or additional panels send us a request and we will work with you to design a product that supports your Brand and keeps you covered from the elements.

Where to Use Your Tent or Canopy

While it might be tempting to keep your canopy only for those winter events that happen indoors, there are plenty of reasons to take it outside as well. Check out these options for using that tent or canopy during the cooler months of the year.

  • Parades– Set up your canopy to promote your business or simply use it as a shelter to prep for your event. While the parade is moving along make sure you are #BeBoldStandOut with a SkyLine Canopy. You’ll catch the visitor’s eye with a colorful and bold display.
  • Sporting Event – No matter which sporting event, tailgate or sideline you are on, a canopy will help you stand out among the crowd. Add a small heater for those cooler months and you will have another great reason for your friends and clients to visit your tent. Added bonus: you’ll keep your fans warm!
  • Band Competitions- Competitions are a great place to be surrounded by crowds, entertainment and color! In order to stand out in the crowd and make an impression, set up a Tent (or Canopy) to showcase your products. If security is a concern add three panels to your tent to close off your space and keep your merchandise a little safer. #BeBoldStandOut
  • Outdoor Concerts– Get your merchandise ready because concerts are a great way to promote your brand, create awareness and sell your product! A tent designed from SkyLine Canopies will help you draw the crowds in – rock-on!

New Braunfels Tent Care: Summer vs. Winter

When it comes to summer vs. winter tent care, there isn’t much of a difference. Our Tents and Canopies are designed to hold up to the elements, but it is important to continue to take care of them, no matter the weather.

When you are done with your tent and it is ready to be stored safely away, make sure your material is 100% dry. You can dry your tent by hand with a towel or let nature do the work and air dry the materials. No matter what you do, don’t put your tent away wet.

Wipe away any dirt as leaving dirt on the panels may cause scratches when folded up. If water doesn’t eliminate the dirt as quickly as you would like it to, consider adding a bit of dish soap to help cut through the dirt and grease. Do not use harsh chemicals – such a bleach – to clean your tent. Your tent material is designed to be easily cleaned.

Take the time to fold your material with care. Time spent putting it away with care will ensure an easy (and quick) set up the next time you need it.

Finally, don’t forget about the poles and support! Your canopy support pieces also need to be dry and free of dirt before you store them.

Your Canopies for Winter Events

Whether you need a custom branded canopy for your next event, an advertisement flag to draw customers into your business, or other specialty items, SkyLine Canopies has you covered. Get started today with your custom quote.

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