The Ins and Outs of Canopy Safety

By Sandra Christian on November 18, 2019

Let’s set the scene: You just purchased your new canopy setup from SkyLine Canopies and can’t wait to use it! But the local meteorologist is reporting questionable weather in the forecast. What should you do? Proceed as normal? Use weights? What kind of canopy or tent safety guidelines should be considered? We’ve got the answers to your questions and more!

Canopies and tents in and of themselves are not dangerous items, but they can pose potential threats in unsafe weather conditions. But a setup stored away for no one to see does not provide business exposure. We want to encourage correct use to get the most of your branded display! Here are some tips and tricks to ensure the best possible outcome for canopy safety among the elements.

Fire Hazards

Depending on the venue, there is a possibility that your tent could pose a fire hazard. Local fire departments typically recommend tents and supportive materials be flame-retardant. Our 600D canvas polyester canopy material is PU coated with fire retardant qualities. Some permitted events may even require that displays have a Certificate of Flame Resistance. SkyLine Canopies products include the notice on the sewn-in label.

To further ensure canopy safety, check with the fire department to determine any state, county, city or event regulations. Always looks for and avoid electrical units near the setup. And keep fireworks pointed far away from your tent — and yourself — to ensure tent safety in New Braunfels or your neighborhood!

High Winds

It's no surprise the Hill Country sees its fair share of heavy winds. That’s why it’s imperative to practice canopy safety in New Braunfels and beyond. The most common way to prevent a canopy from taking flight in high winds is to not use it until conditions improve. But if you must use it on a windy day, there are multiple ways to secure a tent setup.

Scout the location before the event and look for a sheltered area to "hide" from unexpected winds gusts. Trees, large water containers, big rocks and any other heavy items at the event location might be helpful blocking wind and/or tying down the setup. If the canopy walls are up, consider allowing wind to pass through the setup by detaching the full wall on the bottom or upper side velcro leg attachments. Use half walls toward the middle or top sides to allow wind to pass through.

Stakes are a reliable way to secure a canopy, and SkyLine Canopies clients receive a four-piece basic ropes and stake set with every canopy purchase. But make sure they are approved for use before you stick them in the ground. We recommend contacting the event venue beforehand to see which securing methods are permitted.

Anchoring your setup to the ground with stakes will work most days, but when the weather is a challenge, you’ll need heavier weights for optimal tent safety. SkyLine Canopies offers a 4-piece sandbag package available for purchase. They can be easily filled for more stability when you can't use ground stakes.

There are many ways to creatively secure a canopy. Check out our blog post on this topic. If you come up with a creative idea, we would love to share it with our readers. Please send a photo to

Best Judgement

As with all things, please use best judgment when deciding if it’s worth setting up a canopy in unfamiliar weather scenarios. If there is any risk that your popup tent might blow over and create injury to others or damage to the surrounding property, consider waiting until conditions improve.

In winter weather, our commercial grade frame and canvas material has a higher chance to withstand the conditions. Canopies are manufactured from heavy-duty materials that stand the test of time, but that also means they could cause damage if a gust of wind should drag it down the street. Please refrain from setting up a canopy or take it down immediately if winds exceed 15 miles per hour. While 15 mph doesn’t seem like much, the potential for catastrophe still exists.

For proper canopy safety guidelines, please review the assembly instructions provided with every purchase, including handling and care recommendations for normal weather conditions. Or download the canopy assembly guidelines on the Custom Canopies page. If the weather conditions exceed guideline recommendations, please think twice before setting up a tent. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Practice Canopy Safety in New Braunfels

When displays are handled and cared for as directed, only normal wear and tear should occur. Using these best practice canopy safety tips and tricks will ensure your canopy lasts for years. Best part: the frame will work with other canvases should you need to update the branding or replace a worn setup. Bonus: Ask about our custom sewn tops!

Be bold and stand out at the next event! Check out the SkyLine Canopies offering under the Products menu above. Have questions or concerns about tent safety in New Braunfels or your area? Take a look at our Limited Lifetime Warranty and Product Liability Disclaimer and reach out via our contact form. We’re always happy to help!

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