Caring for Your Custom Tents and Canopies

By Sandra Christian on August 12, 2019

You’ve made a wise decision to purchase your custom tents and canopies from SkyLine Canopies.

Go ahead, pat yourself on the back – you deserve it. Good job!

As much as we’d love to have you as a repeat customer, it’s more important that we have you as a happy customer – so let’s go over some basic product care so that beautiful canopy you’ve just invested in stays trade show worthy for years to come.

Your canopy is your friend

Yes, for the most part, your custom printed tent is a low-maintenance item — just hang it up and let it do the promotional work for you! That said, a little attention goes a long way. Regular inspection and proper care can literally quadruple the life of your canopy. So, take the time to check on it regularly, keep it clean, and prevent any potential problems before they happen. 

Let it play outside – except when you don’t

Custom tents and canopies are made for the outdoors, but extreme weather conditions can take their toll. So, if there is strong wind, pounding rain or heavy snow move your canopy indoors. Use it when you need it but if you wouldn’t leave your pet out in that weather, you probably shouldn’t leave your canopy out there either.

Indoor canopies need love, too

Canopies used indoors need less maintenance than outdoor canopies … but less is not none. Use your vacuum’s upholstery attachment and cover it with some cheesecloth or nylon (a great use for old pantyhose) and then run the attachment over your canopy to remove any dirt and dust. You can spot clean your canopy with warm water too if needed – but only after you’ve removed any debris or grime first.

Give your canopy a bath

If your canopy is in need of more intense cleaning, warm and soapy water will remove even the toughest grime. The important thing to remember when washing is to use the coolest water possible. If there is moderate soiling, you can use warm water – but try not to go too much over 30 degrees. And, please – use dish detergent! Harsh detergents or chemicals can fade the print you worked so hard to design. Wash your canopy with the care that you would wash your car. Use your garden hose to spray off any additional residue and set your canopy up to dry. Never let your canopy sit in water for an extended length of time.

Note: If you've enlisted the help of the entire family, great! Just make sure to keep children away from the canopy while you set it up. Canopies are heavy and no one wants squished fingers derailing the cleaning process. (Click the picture to download the instructions.)

canopy assembly

Keep it cool

After washing, set your canopy up or lay it out flat to dry. A spot out of the sunshine will reduce the risk of fading. Lots of air circulation will keep mold and mildew at bay. Whatever you do, resist the urge to use any heat on your custom canopy or tent.

Wet is a no-no

You wouldn’t leave your baby wet. Same goes for your canopy. Every SkyLine canopy package includes a wonderful carry and storage bag. These are handy for transport and will protect your canopy when storing in between uses. Never ever put your canopy away wet as this can cause mildew or rotting and folding a wet canopy can cause discoloration and/or a permanent crease. Always make sure your canopy is completely dry before putting it away.

Take a closer look

While every SkyLine Canopy is extremely well-made, stuff happens. So, look closely for any loose strings, frayed edging, or tiny rips or tears. Any and all of this can be handled with ease and a little canopy first-aid – but not so much if it’s not taken care of immediately. A little attention is a great prevention.

Safe Storage

You won't want to store your canopy very often, but when you do, keep in mind that your canopy wants space. Don't store it too close to other items or set heavy items on top of it, as that will result in dents and scratches. Once your canopy is clean, dry and in the bag, set it upright with the feet and wheels on the ground. Protect your canopy by keeping it away from young children and any harsh weather conditions.

Consider having twins

If your canopy is going to be used continuously, consider purchasing two. That way when/if that first canopy gets dirty or needs minor repairs, it can be easily replaced with canopy number two so you are never without a canopy. If one is good, two is better. And don’t even get us started on how great three are … Rotation, rotation, rotation.

Custom Tents and Canopies from SkyLine Canopies

So, there you have it. Just a few simple pointers on how to care for your new baby. Love your custom tents and canopies and they will love you right back. Hopefully, for a very long, long time. Have a question about your custom event display? Interested in purchasing another tent or canopy? Contact SkyLine Canopies today. We can't wait to serve you. 

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