All About Banners: Critical Marketing Addition to Any Business Display

By Sandra Christian on March 30, 2020

You see them everywhere – storefronts, vendor events, sporting events — but do you really know the options you have when it comes to custom banners in Texas? We've put together a little rundown of all the different banner options you have. Don't worry - you can thank us later. 

Types of Custom Banners in Texas

There are four main types of custom banners: the Standard/Deluxe Roll Up Banner, the X-Banner, the Fabric Tension Banner and the Tabletop Banner. Each banner has its own individual pros and cons, as well as best uses so choose carefully based on your business needs. 

Standard/Delux Roll Up Banners

The Standard/Deluxe Roll Up Banner is one of our most popular custom banner types! It's incredibly quick to set up. Pull the rolled-up banner from the bottom holder and insert the anchor pole. Then secure the pole in place at the top of the unraveled banner. In less than a minute, your banner can be visible to the world! 

Common widths for Standard/Delux Roll Up Banners are 2.6 to 2.8 feet wide.


Another of our favorites is the X-Banner. This banner is best suited for companies that enjoy switching out their marketing or branding frequently. The X-Banner is easily exchangeable and very portable. Its lightweight design makes it easy to travel with and set up is a breeze. The X-Banner comes in two standard sizes, the X-Banner or the X-Banner Plus. Choose the best fit for your display needs.

Fabric Tension Banner

While the above-mentioned banners have the ability to be placed anywhere they are needed, the Fabric Tension Banner does best in a professional setting. It also has a sleek and professional look and feel overall, which is part of its appeal. 

The Fabric Tension Banner is an improvement upon the traditional straight banner displays, but still touts the heavy-duty base for steady display support. It is easy to set up and you can change out the graphics as needed.

Tabletop Banners

The Tabletop Banner creates quite a unique and eye-catching display. It also allows businesses to print custom designs on multiple sides — a real game changer! 

One of the best attributes of the Tabletop Banner is the versatility of the banner material. All Tabletop Banner textiles are washable. We even have instructions on how to do so on our website’s product page. And if you decide that a new banner is necessary, you can reorder the textile without having to purchase the entire set-up again. 

If you are looking for more functionality, the Tabletop Banner is our favorite for ease of set up and transportation. Make sure you display a tabletop at your next event!

Order Your Custom Banner in Texas & Beyond

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