Why You Need Custom Branded Wedding Vendor Gear

By Sandra Christian on November 25, 2019

There are a lot of details involved in planning a wedding, both big and small, and many brides begin their journey by attending a wedding expo. Wedding expos are the perfect place to attract new business and promote your brand. Whether you are hosting a wedding show or attending as a vendor, consider the following tips to avoid missed marketing opportunities with custom branded wedding vendor gear.

Missed Marketing Opportunities – Event Organizers 

When your take on the enormous responsibility of planning and hosting a large wedding event with multiple vendors, there could be instances where marketing opportunities go untapped. If your event is the best it can be, Brides will tell their friends. And they will tell their friends. And before you know it, your show will become a wedding planning staple in your area.

Parking Lot Signage

Make event guests feel comfortable immediately by letting them know they are at the right venue and using the correct entrance. Welcome visitors with visible signage and give them a hint of the party they will find inside.

Reminder: Ask the building owner if there are any restrictions for installing signage in the parking lot or on the front lawn or street.

Route to the Event

Sometimes the event venue is so large that it can seem like a maze. If that’s the case, it is wise to increase directional and map signage so visitors aren’t wasting precious time trying to find their way around. Promote the event through custom branded wedding gear, including directional signage, flags to create hype, booth maps and promotional content. When they walk through the doors, see the vendors and hear the buzz of blushing brides, their enthusiasm will undoubtedly grow.

Main Entrance

When guests arrive at the event, there should be no guessing or overthinking required. They should immediately know they are in the right place. Set up a table with a branded table cover for brand uniformity and recognition, to allow for entrance fee payments, and to hand out swag bags and/or maps so they can easily locate their vendors of choice. We recommend also using a tent to take advantage of the prime marketing space above the heads of everyone in line, and they work great for both indoor and outdoor entry areas.

Inside the Event

Once inside the event, visitors shouldn’t have to guess where to go. Create a flow throughout the venue with signage and make sure you’ve clearly labeled the restrooms. Not only will it keep you from fielding the same question repeatedly, but frustration and confusion among guests will be limited.

Event Wrap-Up

As your visitors and vendors leave the event, make sure they do so with a GREAT lasting impression. Place flags along the exit route thanking them for attending. Stack handouts and other takeaways with information about your next event on the covered table used at sign-in to make it easy for them to share the information with future brides.

Missed Marketing Opportunities – Vendors

For businesses planning to show off their brands at the next big wedding event, check out the following marketing opportunities that are frequently missed.

Before the Event

Get your brand in the minds of visitors before everyone else. Share the event with customers and followers ahead of time on your website and social profiles. Not only will additional traffic help with the success of the entire event, but when they see your brand signage, they will instinctively be pulled into your booth.

Branded Booth

Set the tone of the event by adding signage in the form of flags and banners. As a vendor this could be your first impression — #BEBOLDSTANDOUT with your signage. Based on the location of your booth, consider adding height with flags and tents so visitors can locate your business with ease.

Keep in mind: you are not the only one selling or promoting your services. You must make a stellar first and last impression on attendees. Ensure they walk away with a business card or handout with ways to connect after the event. Consider offering a free consultation, access to your newsletter and/or a coupon toward future services. Some vendors even offer free promotional items to ensure their brand name remains in the forefront of attendees' minds long after the event is over. Before visitors leave your booth, ensure contact information was collected and a follow-up plan is in place for connecting with everyone you met.

Event Coordinators

To ensure the show is a success, befriend the event coordinator. Reach out before the show and introduce yourself. Ensure you have everything needed before the event. Surprising the coordinator on the day of the event will only create additional stress for everyone involved. After the event, don't forget to send him/her a thank you note. Take the time to provide positive feedback, and share your plans to attend the next show.

Event Wrap-Up

Event visitors often feel a mix of excitement and overwhelm upon leaving a large expo. Consider waiting a couple days before sending follow-up materials. But don't wait too long or risk losing the opportunity to another vendor. If you scheduled consultations or services at the event, reach out within a couple days to confirm the appointment and ask for any pertinent details about the wedding to ensure you are prepared.

Other Branded Products

Branded flags, canopies and table covers aren't the only products used to create a memorable booth. Backdrops help set the scene for a seasonal or themed booth. Event displays are a creative way to share info. Or add a branded item or keepsake to your wedding packages: bow flags could highlight a photo booth, table flags or teardrops can be used for table numbers or on the bar, a monogrammed bandana for happy tears or a car flag for the Bride & Groom's getaway car.

Order Custom Branded Wedding Vendor Gear

Planning to host or display wedding-related products and services at a wedding event in the near future? Contact SkyLine Canopies to order high-quality custom branded wedding vendor gear. SkyLine Canopies' products are east to set up and built to last.

Have you attended a wedding show recently? Where you amazed by a particular booth(s)? Use the contact form to share creative wedding vendor gear and experiences, and we will include them in a future blog! If you snapped any pics, send them via email to info.SkyLineCanopies@gmail.com.

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