How to Care for Your
Custom Canvas Flag

By Sandra Christian on July 16, 2019

Taking on a brand new custom event flag can be a big undertaking. You are excited to take it out and show it off, but what do you do when it needs a little TLC? Now that you have your flag, let’s keep it looking like new with these custom canvas flag care tips!  

There are a few ‘no-no’s’ in flag care, but they are really for your flag’s protection.  

Washing Your Flag

Our custom event flags are machine washable – phew! Please be considerate when throwing them in the wash – they shouldn’t be added to your household towels or dirty socks laundry.  Give your flag its own private bath in the washing machine on a cold/warm gentle cycle.  

When washing your flag please avoid using concentrated detergents – mild detergents are recommended.  Your flag is 100% polyester and some detergents could fade the print. Mild detergents may be labelled with ‘free’ or ‘clear.’ 

Drying Your Flag

Custom canvas flag care involves avoiding heat. Please do not throw your custom canvas flag into the dryer. The heat from the dryer will fade your flag. Keep your flag looking happy and fresh by hanging it to dry.  

Drying Options:

Custom Canvas Flag Care: Under 8 Feet

If you have access to an outdoor laundry line, lay your flag on the line and let wind energy do the rest.  

If you don’t have access to a laundry line – a basic laundry rack will do. Most hardware stores carry metal and/or wood framed drying racks for under $40. It’s a great investment to keep your flag looking like new.  

Custom Canvas Flag Care: Over 8 Feet

Larger flags may need a little bit more support than a single drying rack. Consider buying two or more sturdier racks. Place them approximately three to five feet apart and drape your flag between the racks. Adjust the distance of your racks based on the total length of your flag.    

Hanging Tips

  • When using drying racks, try to not let your flag touch the ground. This will prevent your flag from picking up any dirt, as well as reduce drying time. 
  • While on the rack keep items apart by up to one inch. Overlapping your custom event flags or clothing will reduce drying time.  
  • If you have access to a staircase railing you might consider using it as your drying rack.  Just make sure the railing is clean before you do so

Be Mindful of Loose Strings

The strings attached to your flag are necessary and should not be ignored while cleaning.  Using the gentle cycle will reduce risk of pulling or tearing your flag’s strings.  

Keep in mind that loose strings can be considered a choking hazard, so please keep them away from children.  

Tip: Reconsider using the strings to ‘hold down’ your flag when drying. Remember that the strings need dry time too and a break from usage. Make sure your strings are fully dry before putting away your flag. 

Custom Canvas Flag Care: Storage

All SkyLine Canopies custom flags include a storage bag – Bonus! The storage bag is a great tool to keep your materials organized and safe. When your flag is 100% dry, but not in use, keep your custom event flag in its bag. This will prevent environmental and human elements from harming your flag.

Before storing the poles in the bag use a damp cloth to wipe away any debris. Air dry the poles, or give the poles a wipe down.

Before zipping up your bag please ensure all strings are tucked inside. 

Flag Storage Tips: 

  • Label your flag bag with the flag’s purpose/name, size, and contact information. In the event your flag is misplaced, or shipped to the wrong address, it will find its way home faster if it is properly labelled.  
  • If you have lots of flags the best way to keep them organized (and for faster assembly) is to label all equipment – poles, bag, flag and accessories. Group the individual pieces together and come up with a labeling system that works for you.
  • For extra security – consider adding a lock to the zipper or including a tracking device.  At larger events finding the ‘right flag’ will save you time if you track it and label it well.

Flag Care No No’s:

  • Do not put away your flag wet or damp. Your flag should be 100% dry before folding and storing.
  • Do not use dish soap to clean your flag. If you are looking for a mild laundry detergent substitute, try using 1/3 cup of Baking Soda in your wash.  
  • Do not use a dryer or heat to dry your flag.  
  • Do not lie your flag on the ground to dry unattended. This will drag out its drying time, and increase the risk of someone ‘accidentally’ stepping on it ...or it blowing away.  If your only option is to lay it on the ground – keep a keen eye on it. Resist the urge to weigh it down with heavier items as that may result in excessive wear and tear on the flag and strings.

Taking care of your custom canvas flag is easy if you know what to do. Contact SkyLine Canopies to get your own custom canvas flag and display your brand, your allegiance to your favorite sports team, and more. 

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