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By Sandra Christian on January 17, 2019

SkyLine Canopies takes the portrayal of your brand seriously, and the fabric we use for our custom event banners and textiles is no exception. Our custom textile fabric is coated in Polyurethane, which means it is heavier, stain resistant, waterproof and fire retardant. PU coating makes your custom event banner or canopy more durable. The material is even UV resistant, which reduces fading so your product can withstand the elements and last longer.

While the weight the PU Coating adds to fabric has traditionally been a negative when considering safety clothing, it is a definite perk when your event has moderate to heavy winds.

Another advantage and why we really love the PU coating on our fabrics is how environmentally sustainable it is. In essence, polyurethane coating is putting layers of plastic across your fabric. It seals it and it protects something that is ultimately biodegradable. So now you’re investing in a promotional tool that has the ability to sustain harsh conditions for years.

And even with all of its durability, it is a better option for the environment than other coatings. PFC and PVC coated fabrics can be harmful and even toxic to both the environment and our health. The PU coating is a more green option.

Like any investment you make for your business, you are wise to protect it. That is why we provide a heavy-duty rolling carry case for our canopies and a large pocket to store your fabric top in. When you are finished with your event it is best to take down and store your frame and your top and/or any other products we provide. If your canopy is wet, it is well protected against the extensive damages of mildew, but it is still a very good idea to let it dry completely before storing for any length of time.

Reach for the stars, grace the horizon, don’t be afraid to be loud and proud and always be bold! We are here to help you present yourself and are honored you have chosen Skyline Canopies to help you lead with the best!

PU Coating | Custom Event Banners

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