Secure Celebration Leads with a Custom Printed Canopy

By Sandra Christian on September 29, 2018

Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd, and whatever your reason to celebrate, when you have the chance to market in front of the masses, you want to get noticed. It’s your time to hustle, and you had better believe it is your time to shine. While the focus of the celebration may not be centered on your business, the attention you are given must not be taken for granted. We recommend a custom printed canopy to draw in potential leads.

The Wedding

When it comes to celebrations from flowers, to catering, music and photography — nothing puts a premium on the price the way a wedding can. If you have been intimately involved in the planning of a wedding, you have likely seen how one simple word can make the occasion exponentially more expensive than a graduation or birthday party. And perhaps rightly so, a wedding is typically a once in a lifetime event, one with great expectations pinned to it and the quest for perfection is paramount.

Which makes it even more important for wedding event venues, wedding planners, caterers and photographers hoping to a throw a gauntlet into the diamond-studded ring of the wedding arena, that the impact they make and impression they leave is one that is bold and that stands out from the rest. The wedding industry is just shy of being a 50-billion-dollar industry and the only way to make any kind of name for yourself within it is to embrace the creative and innovative. Trade shows abound and are a fantastic place for gaining leads and qualifying prospects. And this is where you need to stand out.

Consider a fully custom printed canopy emblazoned with your logo. Flaps that can bare your slogan. Panels able to boast your favorite promotional photos in larger-than-life and individually lit displays. Custom printed canopies by Skyline Canopies are a sure-fire way to turn heads and leave a lasting, put-together and professional impression.

Moreover, the wall panels SkyLine Canopies creates can be tasked with multi-purposes. As long as a good vector file can be provided, crystal-clear and lifelike images can be used as backdrops for photo opportunities.

Custom Printed Canopy

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