New Custom Protective Equipment for the New Normal

By Sandra Christian on July 6, 2020

We recently debuted a brand new product to fit in with our new lifestyle! And while the new normal isn’t exactly what we hoped for, we want to make the best out of it! Our unique custom protective equipment (AKA custom PPE) is helping businesses comply with new safety regulations, while also promoting their brands and marketing their services.

New Regulations = Opportunity for Innovation

Some business owners are wondering how to keep their businesses going while also keeping their customers safe amidst the uncertainty of the Covid-19 outbreak. Other business owners are thinking “outside the box” and making changes to serve their customers in new ways. 

If your customers need/want to wear masks, why not use the opportunity to create a new product with your logo or message on it? SkyLine Canopies now offers custom protective equipment, like aprons and sleeves, and custom personal protective equipment, or custom PPE, like face covers. These pieces offer several benefits and can be sold or given out as promotional materials at your business.

PPE Now Required at Most Businesses

Protective equipment is a necessity for every business these days. All of your customers should be wearing face masks when they are indoors and cannot socially distance. Your employees should also be protected as much as possible, especially if they come in contact with many customers. We've come up with a new line of custom protective gear including face masks, face covers, aprons, sleeves and more.

We offer face masks, scarves and several other options, and every piece can be custom designed to match your business branding. These are high-quality pieces of protective wearables, designed and produced with the same attention to detail we offer on all of our products. Although not medical grade, our customer personal protective equipment meets state requirements for face coverings.

Helping Your Business Look Its Best

At SkyLine Canopies we pride ourselves on offering five-star customer service and that promise extends to these new products. We can help you come up with the perfect design and message. Create customized PPE that you will be proud to share with your staff and clients. But don’t stop there! Why wear a boring mask on your trips to the grocery store? Instead, wear a mask that advertises your business. With our custom PPE, any venture outdoors can be turned into free advertising for your business.

But don't stop there! Custom personal protective equipment is also great for non-profits and retail to use as a source of revenue. Use the custom PPE for resale and fundraiser opportunities. Buy in bulk — the more your order, the lower the price!

We've helped restaurants, schools, caterers, painters, realtors, churches, aestheticians, wineries and garden centers, among many others. Our custom design process helps each client develop a product perfect for their needs. Get ideas for possible designs by checking out our protective gear page and download an easy-to-use template from our site.  Or use our Request a Quote form and include your artwork if you need help from one of our design partners.

Custom protective equipment can also help with team building. Masks have become fashion accessories for many people during the COVID-19 outbreak. Some public-facing businesses have gone viral for a variety of reasons, such as employees wearing creative masks or not being allowed to wear certain messages or images on their face masks. Businesses can avoid potential negative attention by providing all employees with face masks as part of their uniform. Team face masks also help customers distinguish workers from customers.

Custom Protective Equipment Not Just for Businesses

One way to protect your family and friends' safety during get-togethers is to provide protective gear such as face masks at the event. Face masks may not scream party time, but we can help you design and create the perfect accessory for a 2020 event. Your guests will be happy to wear fun custom face masks made just for them. We offer full-color printing so you can get as creative as you want! Our custom protective equipment can turn a safety requirement into a fun party accessory!

Making Custom PPE Affordable

SkyLine Canopies is making custom personal protective equipment affordable for everyone! We can do orders as small as five or as large as you need. We have different sized face covers, even adjustable face covers for children. Our protective equipment is not medical grade, but it is reusable and washable. Many clients appreciate being able to keep a high-quality mask for future use, and they will gladly continue to spread your message by wearing your branded mask.

Choose SkyLine Canopies for Exceptional Products and 5-Star Customer Service

SkyLine Canopies offers free shipping, short turnaround times, and plenty of design assistance for business owners who would prefer to delegate design to a creative professional. Our mission is to help businesses grab the attention of customers with bold, durable designs. Visit the protective gear page to see the various options! We understand each client may have their own face covering preferences. Some prefer tight fit against face while others like a looser fit or away from the mouth. SkyLine Canopies offers all of them!

If you'd like to talk about the possibilities for customized personal protective equipment for your staff or event, contact us today for a free quote. We provide downloadable design templates of all our products so you can start designing your custom PPE today!

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