Custom Table Covers: Why You Need One (Or Three!)

By Sandra Christian on February 24, 2020

Let us set the scene: you’re thinking about that next big vendor event and starting to plan out what marketing and promotional products you are going to bring along. You definitely don’t want to forget flyers, giveaways, pamphlets, free samples, etc. But what about your table? Will you cover it? What will go on top? Stumped? Why not use a custom table cover from Skyline Canopies!

#BeBoldStandOut with Custom Table Covers in Texas

Now, you may be thinking about the common misconception that a table cover can be equated to your grandmother’s old lacey, doily tablecloth. That could not be farther from the truth! Table coverings have come a long way since then - and we have all of the special tips and tricks to make yours stand out among the crowd.

Throw, Fitted or Stretched Table Covers

Skyline Canopies offers one-of-a-kind custom table covers with so many options. You can choose a throw, fitted or stretched table covering. The names pretty much explain what they would look like on your table, but you can check out some examples of each kind in the Gallery section of our website. The type of fit you choose will depend on the look and feel of your branding so consider the following.

Throw Table Covers

A throw custom table cover is a more relaxed and size-flexible option.

  • Pro: It fits many different table sizes and shapes.
  • Con: Can create a tripping hazard if used on an incorrect table size. When used outside, it can be harder to get the textile and branding to lay flat when windy.

Fitted Table Covers

A fitted custom table cover is less relaxed that the throw option. and you’ll want it to fit the exact size of the table you have. It has straight sewn sides and corners.

  • Pro: Looks more professional.
  • Con: Lots of fabric to iron between events.

Stretched Table Covers

Stretched custom table covers are our most popular option and create a sleek and sophisticated look for the table.

  • Pro: Little need to iron and is very snug on the table.
  • Con: The cover size you choose will not look good on other table sizes.

Customize Your Table Cover

Regardless of what type of table covering you choose, Skyline Canopies can customize it to meet your branding needs. Depending on the type, you can brand the front, sides, top and back of the table covering to ensure maximum exposure to all of your potential clients.

All of our materials start off as a plain, boring white. Then, your collaboration with our (or your) design team brings creativity to life. Choose your brand colors and images and, we’ll help you make your booth dreams come true!

Not sure exactly what you are looking for? Our design team will be happy to help you decide on the proper colors, fonts, images, to share your message best with your potential customers. After our many years in the industry, we’ve found that a colorful custom table cover is more attractive and naturally draws customers in. If you prefer to be a little less bold, we’ll suggest a simple base color for the custom table cover with your logo overlaid on top.

Consider Additional Design Elements

An important aspect of planning your custom table cover is to decide what elements you would like to include on the cover. Some companies prefer to just have the logo speak for itself on the cover. Others prefer to list contact information, social media handles, websites, slogans, phone numbers, hashtags, you name it! While we are more than happy to assist in any such request, the choice is really up to you and how you want to show up for your customers.

Finally, when planning your custom table cover, you will want to consider what other promotional materials will be located on your table cover. Make sure whatever promotional elements you decide to place on top of your custom table cover will match your brand and the image you are conveying to your current and potential customers.

Custom Table Covers in Texas

Skyline Canopies is your one-stop shop for all things custom table covers. Contact us today for all of your custom designed event display needs.

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