Custom Trade Show Tents or Canopies: Which to Choose?

By Sandra Christian on August 26, 2019

Whether you are heading to an outdoor event or selling your services at an indoor expo, it’s important to have a custom trade show tent or canopy overhead. When football season rolls around, you’ll want a custom tailgate tent. When it’s time for those spring festivals, you’ll need one to announce your business. To beat the summer heat, they are an absolute necessity. 

For whatever reason you might need a tent or canopy, here at SkyLine Canopies, custom canopy printing is our thing. We believe that you should stand out among the crowd. Why be the same as everyone else? Embrace your uniqueness by ordering your custom gear today.

Custom Trade Show Tents or Canopies: What's the Difference?

Did you even know there was a real difference between a tent and a canopy? 

Aren’t tents just for camping? Aren’t canopies just for carnivals? 

When we refer to tents (for business purposes) they are more often referred to as “frame tents.” Canopies are typically called “pop up canopies.” The truth is: there are big differences between the two.

The Frame Tent

Unlike a canopy, a frame tent won’t saddle you with a center pole. Have you ever been under a canopy and forgotten to dodge that center pole? Or, have you found it more difficult to set up a table underneath? What about tripping over the installed tension ropes?

Well, you won’t experience any of those issues with a frame tent, and you’ll have more space as well.

Frame Tent Durability

Frame tents are the preferred choice for most business needs, especially for long-term events, due to their heavy-duty quality. They also withstand more moderate weather conditions. The materials are thicker, and they provide better coverage and protection from the sun. 

Frame Tent Assembly

On the downside, frame tents are more difficult to assemble. The frame tent comes with many pieces that are required for installation. Besides the tent top, you also need poles, connectors and stakes.

All of these parts can be transported in a single bag except for the poles, which are longer and more difficult to transport. The weight of all the materials (depending on the size, of course) can be more than 200 pounds in comparison to a pop-up canopy of the same size.

For a professional installation, it can take around 30 minutes to an hour to set up a frame tent. It might take even longer if you’re new to the process. Our recommendation: have at least two people available to help with the your frame tent setup. 

The Pop-Up Canopy

A pop-up canopy requires the use of a center pole and multiple stakes to provide the tension needed for stability. The center pole can be “in the way” at times, but the tent top materials are lighter weight and make for easier set up and transport. In fact, a pop-up canopy usually weighs less than 70 pounds and takes only about 15 minutes to set up. You certainly won’t need a team of people to handle this choice.

Custom pop-up canopies are single-unit tents and are ideal for shorter-term events. They can handle your need for shade and can protect you from light rain. We don’t generally recommend them for bad weather or more serious elements. 

If you are looking for ease of use, this might be a winning choice. 

Pop-Up Tent or Canopy?

Not sure which one you need?

Let’s do a comparison:

Frame Tent:

  • Larger and heavier
  • More difficult to set up
  • Better for long-term use
  • More space

Pop-Up Canopy

  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Quick set up
  • Protects you from the sun
  • Short-term use
  • Center pole challenge

Still need help? We are happy to discuss your needs and concerns with you. We’ll assist you in making the right choice for you and your business. Contact SkyLine Canopies today for all of your custom canopy printing needs.

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