Corporations, large businesses, chains and franchises face different challenges than their smaller counterparts. From large employee teams to multiple business locations, your company goals and messaging need to be clear and consistent across all channels and mediums. All In Canopies works closely with large companies to create attractive and consistent event displays for corporations.


A company is only as strong as its team, which is why every employee needs to be clear on the company mission, vision and goals. Employee-facing visuals, including banners, are an eye-catching way to remind your team what everyone is working toward and why.

Corporate displays can be placed in high-traffic employee areas, such as break rooms, meeting rooms and even reception areas. By placing this type of visual across multiple locations — on-site or across the state — you can reach your employees wherever they are.

While you may choose to have banners completely dedicated to employee education, you can also be strategic about your design and make them multi-use. Banners such as this one reinforce the company’s mission and values, while also speaking directly to the company audience. It can be used in any area that employees and even clients can see it.

As an added bonus, all of our event displays for corporations are very portable and easy to set up and take down, so move them as you see fit or take them with you to company and sales events.
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On average, you have only five to eight seconds to capture your audience’s attention. Event displays for corporations are designed to attract eyeballs and be remembered. We work closely with corporate marketing teams to choose on-brand and on-message display products for large businesses and chains.

All In Canopies offers solid corporate display solutions to build brand awareness for any large business. One of our favorites is the stand-alone advertisement flag.

Advertisement flags are an excellent option to draw attention when your location is hard to see or find, such as in an industrial park, next to a highway, behind large trees or even indoors in large expo halls. They are also ideal for businesses with multiple locations who want to showcase a cohesive look, especially when announcing a new product or sale.

Ad flags are available in multiple shapes, sizes and colors, so your brand’s flags are sure to help you #BeBoldStandOut, no matter where or how you use them.


Getting your customer’s attention is one thing, but communicating your product or service is quite another. When you use an event display for large businesses you can educate the customer while they wait in line, check-out, or as they browse your store.

Backdrops and banners are large and eye-catching, and can convey your message through images, text and even infographics! We like to see them being used to generate conversations with your clients, show them their options, and to boost your position as an expert in the industry.


Show the difference between investment or insurance plans
List your products and services
Showcase industry awards and certifications
“Ask me about…” a top-tier offering
List a product’s specifications
Show before and afters
Include contact information
View our gallery to see just some of the large companies that All In Canopies supports.
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As a large business, you may find yourself traveling to trade shows, corporate presentations, sales pitches, or even to the local sports field as a team or event sponsor. With longevity and ease of set-up in mind, All In Canopies has corporate display solutions for your company no matter how far (or often) you travel.

The days of PowerPoints and business cards are not gone, but there are more vibrant ways to be seen and remembered in 2020. We’d love to hear about your company’s upcoming plans and to show you how canopies, event displays and specialty products such as golf flags will have your company looking sharp — even after 18 rainy holes at a corporate golf tournament.

When it comes to your brand messaging, All In Canopies has you covered. Contact us today to discuss your messaging plans, both in-house and out, and how our event displays for large businesses can help achieve your goals.
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