Every level of government, from city to county to state (and beyond), needs to provide leadership, instill trust and serve their constituents. Each interaction between the government and the public is an opportunity, and custom displays for city organizations are a visual and memorable way to do that.

In addition to public-facing campaigns and information, custom displays for government organizations are ideal for staff-facing education and increasing your reach when recruiting. The uses of flags, banners and All In Canopies’ other products are only limited by your marketing team’s imagination. So we have rounded up the most popular ways to use visual display marketing to your government organization’s advantage.


For those not working in a government agency, understanding policies and procedures can be complicated. There are special forms, due dates and potentially different departments to deal with for any given need or task. Client-facing visual displays are the perfect vehicle to provide important information while people wait in line, when they visit your branch or when you strategically place them in a high-traffic public place.
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We know that you need to go where your audience is, and that means hauling all of your materials with you. When you are juggling pamphlets, donation forms and tables, the last thing you need is the weight of a heavy display weighing you down.

Our largest non-profit event displays, like custom canopies, come with a deluxe wheeled storage bag, while others, like fitted table covers, can be easily and neatly packed into your briefcase. Even our backdrops are made with a lightweight aluminum frame that is very easy to assemble, making set-up and take-down a breeze.
In-office procedures (where to line up, special dates or times of service)
How to access services online rather than in-person
Important dates (when property taxes due, small business registration, elections, etc.)
Brand awareness & trust-building


Custom displays are ideal for recreational agencies and at special events. Both have large amounts of foot traffic, and thus the opportunity to make a big impact with your messaging.
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While all citizens know the city, county or state is “there,” they may not always know exactly in what capacity they work. By using custom visual displays, you can showcase the services that your government offers and its mission.
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From playgrounds to city-offered programs, there is always so much going on in the parks and recreation offices. Use visual displays to highlight new programs, celebrate community heroes and remind citizens of registration dates. Banners are one of our favorite custom displays for city organizations to advertise parks and recreation events and summer programs because they make a huge visual impact and are easy to move and reuse.
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When it comes to farmer’s markets, recruiting fairs, parades and special occasions, be sure your government stands out with clean, on-brand messaging that encourages people to stop and chat.

All In Canopies prides itself on working with individuals and organizations to create long-lasting, multi-use products that are portable and flexible. For example, a full custom event display is perfect for a recruitment fair, but can be taken apart and used across multiple departments and events afterward. Take a canopy to an open house at the park, use a table cover in-office to showcase pamphlets and post a flag outside a state-sponsored event. (Note: all event displays are completely custom, with products created for your specific needs.)


Custom visual displays for city organizations are an essential part of your marketing plan if you want to be seen and remembered while building trust and providing for the people in your district. Let’s talk about your vision, and how All In Canopies can get you there.