Making marketing and purchasing decisions for your non-profit can be difficult. When creating custom displays for non-profits, you need to get creative and use every penny wisely while being able to convince the Board of Directors that the return on any money spent is worth it. Choose All In Canopies for your non-profit event displays. We have quality products that last and make the impact you need to grab attention.


Your non-profit needs to maximize the impact of your money spent; disposable marketing budgets aren’t part of your vocabulary. That is why All In Canopies offers multiple flexible display options that can take you from a trade-show to the farmer’s market and even to high-potential donor meetings.

The hallmarks of our products are portability, long-lasting materials and interchangeable graphics screen printed on quality fabrics.
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We know that you need to go where your audience is, and that means hauling all of your materials with you. When you are juggling pamphlets, donation forms and tables, the last thing you need is the weight of a heavy display weighing you down.

Our largest non-profit event displays, like custom canopies, come with a deluxe wheeled storage bag, while others, like fitted table covers, can be easily and neatly packed into your briefcase. Even our backdrops are made with a lightweight aluminum frame that is very easy to assemble, making set-up and take-down a breeze.
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Sometimes, quality comes at a price. Not with All In Canopies! Since creating custom event displays is all we do, we are able to offer the best price on the best custom displays for non-profits.

All of our products are meant to be put up and taken down over and over again in all types of weather. Our frames are commercial grade and our canopies are waterproof, UV resistant and even fire-retardant (just in case!), so you can feel safe knowing that these event displays for non-profits will last a long time.
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You need to stand out and be seen to get the donors and volunteers that you need to keep your organization running, while also spreading the message that so desperately needs to be shared.

Sometimes, you have a different message for different audiences, and that can make it hard to invest in custom displays for non-profits. That’s where All In Canopies excels. With many of our products, such as banners, backdrops and event displays, once you make your first purchase, you can then purchase additional fabric graphics to reflect messaging, audience and seasonal changes.

Change out the fabric graphics whenever you need to without having to purchase yet another complete display. As long as you take care of your frame, you can switch out the images and messaging that you use while still being conscious of your bottom line. Our backdrops can also be printed on front and back, saving you needed dollars.


When you are worried about your non-profit’s bottom line, it can be hard to make a decision. We pride ourselves on finding the perfect solution for each customers’ needs, and we will work with you to find products to meet your goals.

If you are looking for some inspiration, some products that are popular with our non-profit clients are:
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Banners collapse to be small for easy storage and transportation, but they offer a big (and tall!) impact. When you need to broadcast an important message or be seen from far away, a banner is a great choice. Our clients love the Stand Alone Roll Up for its space-saving design and the Straight Fabric Banner when they need to easily change graphics.
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Table Covers are one of those things that can be easily overlooked. Why not use a cheap table cloth? Well, we may be biased, but table covers are an affordable way to make a big impact. Table covers can be used both in-house or on the road since they’re small and easy to maintain.

Do you remember the last time you were at an outdoor event and your tablecloth was flapping in the wind? Passers-by were being accosted by the rogue fabric, and you were more worried about keeping everything in place rather than focusing on sharing your organization’s message. A Fitted Table Cover is one of our most budget-friendly event displays for non-profits. It helps you showcase your brand from a distance, keep your display neat and tidy, while also being flexible enough to use wherever you go.


Once you see how flexible and affordable custom displays for non-profits can be, a whole new world of creative possibility will open to you. Fill out our free no-obligation Request a Quote form today, and let’s talk about what story you’re trying to tell and how All In Canopies can help.