10 FREE Events to Promote Your Brand

By Sandra Christian on November 11, 2019

Once again, SkyLine Canopies has you covered — literally and figuratively — this time with suggestions for free events to use your branded canopies. Branded setups are not just for corporate events. Flags and tents can be used for family outings like picnics or trips to the beach, or to promote garage sales, community fundraisers and more. "Be Bold & Stand Out" with your SkyLine Canopies products! Here are 10 FREE opportunities to get the most use out of your custom pop up tent or custom ad flags.

Outdoor Gatherings

Whether you are heading to the beach, planning a picnic down by the river or hosting a BBQ at the park, setting up a flag is a great way to help your friends and family locate your gathering. A matching flag and canopy will attract attention and provide your friends and family with protection from the elements — sun, light wind and rain. Be aware to always follow canopy instructions if the weather turns bad!

Tip: If you set up your tent on the beach, try to avoid casting unwanted shadows on nearby sunbathers or blocking the stellar views.

Family Celebrations

Nothing says fun like bright colors and branded displays! Create a flag to celebrate family events. Decorate the yard with a flag at the end of your driveway, near your front door or at the backyard entrance. When you incorporate a bold sign or flag, it sets a fun tone for the event.

Tip: Create a family sign that incorporates your family name, motto or image to be used at a variety of events. Consider a family brand or logo so you're never hard to find.

Street Activities

Taking your event marketing to the next level. Use an advertising flag or branded canopy to promote a garage sale or neighborhood block party. Setting up a branded tent in a driveway or parking lot will increase visibility, curiosity and draw more people to your event.

Tip: If you're promoting an event within your neighborhood, it’s important to be neighborly. Ask your neighbors at the end of the road to temporarily display a flag in their yard. If they agree, you may want to follow up with a thank you note!

Cross Promotions

Team up with a nearby business to promote an open house or mixer. You may even want to host a business sidewalk sale! Don't have a storefront? Consider your networking groups and the local chamber to find potential collaborations.

Tip: Don’t wait for neighbors to approach you — be the one to reach out with suggestions. Consider splitting the costs and go bigger with signage. Not only is this a great networking opportunity for the participants, but your audience will appreciate the team effort as well.

Community Parades

Did you see how many canopies were along the Comal County Fair Parade route? We missed seeing yours! Bring out your flags and tents to showcase your business along the local parade routes. You might even consider taking your space to the next level by participating in a free and fun giveaway.

Tip: Check with the parade organizers or property owners to ensure your tent location is permitted. When you respect the rules, the organizers will be grateful to you and may suggest other FREE opportunities for you to showcase your business. After the event, take the time to send a thank you note to show your appreciation and highlight a benefit to your participation in their event.

Fundraising Events

Reach out to event organizers and volunteer your canopy as supportive shade or privacy for their event. Not only will the attendees be more comfortable, but you’ll save the organizers the cost of renting tents. This might not be the opportunity to promote your business in person but loaning your custom pop up tent will still create brand awareness.

Tip: Offer to set up and take down the tent before and after the event, or share with them how to care for your tent.

Local Sporting Events

Extra shade is always appreciated at sporting events. If you are tailgating or hanging out on the sidelines, share some food and drinks with the people around you. If you are not using your tent at an event, offer it to the organizers as a little extra coverage on the sidelines. Your brand will be remembered well past the event.

Tip: Offer to volunteer at the event! Volunteering is a rewarding opportunity to get to know the organizers, network with attendees and create a connection for future involvement, all while supporting your favorite teams.

School Functions

Is your child’s class organizing a community event? Offer your canopy as a place to meet. SkyLine Canopies products are easy to set up and take down. Check out our Instagram profile to see how fast we do it. (Hint: it takes less than two minutes!) Schools might not have a budget for their own branded setup, but once parents see how easy and beneficial they are, they'll want to start raising funds to purchase setups for the PTA, band and sports teams.

Outdoor Jobs

Use a canopy at job sites for more visibility. Canopies are great for construction, real estate, roofing, utilities  and many other industries. A custom branded tent provides a central meeting location, coverage for breaks, a place to store and disburse materials, and more. Take the guesswork out of "where to go upon arrival" and ensure no one gets lost on your property or job site.

Tip: Let your team know in advance where the sign-in tent will be located and where to park. Include a photo if possible. The tent location will add more formality to your job site.

Marathon Routes & Golf Tourneys

Is your business on the route of a marathon or fundraising walk? Do you want to support community walk/run events? Adding a custom pop up tent at the finish line with free water is a refreshing way to show support. Contact the organizers before the event to inquire about rules and regulations. When a business sponsors an event at the finish line, along the event route, at a water station or a golf hole, it gives the attendees a reason to appreciate the vendor. We all have a tendency to be attracted to something that was useful to us in the past. When we see the brand again, it will be associated with a great experience or accomplishment.

Tip: If your budget permits, consider a giveaway that aligns with the event. If you're sponsoring a race, we suggest recyclable cups with water, hats or fans. If the event is kid-focused, consider handing out mini flags, balls or frisbees. Use the crowd to promote your brand at the event and beyond.

We have no doubt there are other free opportunities to use your custom pop up tent. Please share ideas in the comments section 👇 below! And don’t forget to take advantage of our Black Friday Special Offer!


And as always, be courteous and kind. If you are attending an event on public property, make sure you have permission to put up your signage.

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