Want to #BeBoldStandOut at your next health expo event? In an industry saturated with other vendors, it’s important to make a strong effort to be the one people remember! Stand out by adding a custom branded event display from All In Canopies.


Whether you are in the running industry, activewear and apparel, or even the health food industry, it is no secret that the competition is fierce. A custom-designed event display from All In Canopies is the best way to stay in your customers’ mind long after the event. We offer banners, table covers, advertisement and teardrop flags, and more!

Making the decision to market your health business is a no-brainer. The decision of HOW to do that is a little more complicated. Most agree that getting in front of potential customers at health-related events is a smart endeavor. And an event display from All In Canopies is the best way to stand out from the crowd. Request a quote and begin designing your event display to ensure your business is a hit at the next event.

Our team of dedicated and talented designers will walk you through the simple design process step-by-step to ensure we create the image that brings your brand to life. Whether you’re looking for a complete canopy setup, a backdrop, or maybe even body flags or bandanas, we can make it happen for you at All In Canopies.
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Like everything in Texas, the health industry in our great state is huge! If you are spending precious funds on a major health-related event, your booth must be attractive and compelling to garner the attendees’ attention.
There are more than 30 marathons scheduled for 2020 alone
There are upwards of 100 half-marathons
More than 20 activewear companies dominate the Dallas market alone
There are more than 40 health food stores in Texas
Pretty impressive, right? The global health and wellness industry is worth more than $4.2 trillion. Your business deserves a piece of that! It’s time to figure out how to make your business distinct and memorable in such a huge industry! Get a head start on a custom event display for your health and wellness company by using our no-obligation Request A Quote form.


Provide an exceptional experience for your current and potential clients — both with your products and with your branding! Browse our gallery or use the chat option to determine the best products for your business. Whether it’s a canopy, table cover or banner, All In Canopies has you covered! Set the right tone and image for your company!
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Creating a custom-designed event display for health and wellness shows is essential for your business! Not sure where to start? Let us help you! Start the discussion with our talented designers today!


Choose a custom-designed event display that provides a professional appearance, is durable, and allows your customers to instantly recognize your brand. Start designing your custom canopy today with All In Canopies. Use the promo code #AllInHealth on our FREE request a quote and get started!
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