A Flag for Every Occasion

By Sandra Christian on June 1, 2020

There’s a flag for every occasion at SkyLine Canopies! Whether you want to show support for your grad, let people know your business is open, or get a little inspirational, we can help! Our high-quality custom flags are customizable and perfect for both businesses and individuals. Need a little flag inspiration? See what all you can do with our flags! 

Marketing With High-Quality Custom Flags 

If you’re operating in a “new normal” and social distancing is the name of the game, you’re going to need to put in more work to ensure people can see your promotional materials even from a distance. While a small sign may have worked in the past, you’ll want to upgrade to something bigger and more eye-catching. A bow flag, clip flag, teardrop, or wall flag will all stand out much more than a simple sign. You need to grab your customer’s attention and using one of these traditional flags is a great way to do it. You can include important information, contact information, and even details about your business with these flags! 

From new rules at events to a bigger need for advertising to more people, you’ll need a way to advertise. There’s a high-quality custom flag for every occasion making them an ideal way to market your business. Explore our specialty flags that are completely customizable for any business or event! 


Celebrations look a lot different than they used to. Whether your gathering is a social distancing-friendly one or you need to celebrate without actually being around others, you can do it with a flag! Table flags will help direct party or event guests where they’re supposed to be and you can include important information about social distancing or other rules on the flags.

Want a way to celebrate a big event like a new baby, a grad, or even a marriage? Check out our high-quality garden flags! Tell all your neighbors the big news with a garden flag that’s customized for your big event.

Wearables Promote Social Distancing 

What’s a cooler way to promote something than wearing it! You can be your own walking advertisement and you’ll be sure to catch the attention of everyone who passes by you! It’s an excellent way to market your company or your event without ever having to talk to people. There’s a flag for every occasion and our body and backpack styles will fit right in! 

Advertisements on the Move 

Take your marketing on the move with a motorcycle, car, or bicycle flag. These options provide a flag for every occasion and can expand your advertisement reach since they’re mobile. Our high-quality flags withstand the wind and elements while on a vehicle and they’re made to last. Use them often and know that they’re made from materials that won’t fade in the sun or fray in the wind. 

Car, motorcycle, and bicycle flags are also excellent options if you’re trying to support your favorite team, cause, or big event. Since our flags are completely customizable, the design options are endless! 

Promotional Flags 

Many golf courses around the country are now open and you can take advantage of that with one of our promotional golf flags! They’re great for golf sponsorships, individual golf courses, or even big events. The golf flags are an excellent choice for all games and they’re made from high-quality materials so they’ll last. Choose the pole attachment style that works best for your golf course conditions! 

Want to do a little promotion without being on the golf course? Check out our large hand flags and our tourist flags that are ideal for grabbing attention at a variety of events! 

High-Quality Custom Flag Options

Along with our completely customizable design options, you can also create a flag for every occasion with our customizable sizes and styles. While prices will vary, you can be sure that you’re getting the perfect flag for your business or event. All our flags are made with expert attention to detail, high-quality craftsmanship, and durable materials. You’ll be able to create a flag that’s unique and fits your business or your cause! 

When you need to stand out, a custom flag is the best way to do it. Choose your brand colors, logos, designs, and more. Then, choose a custom flag size that’ll work no matter what type of space you have to work with! We’ll make sure that the designs are eye-catching and your flag does exactly what you need it to: grab attention! 

Are you ready to get started designing your custom flag? Have questions about our design process? Don’t hesitate! Contact us today!

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