How to Revamp Your Current Marketing Setup (And Why You Should!)

By Sandra Christian on January 27, 2020

As digital marketing increasingly dictates a brand’s overall promotion strategy, it’s easy to neglect your physical marketing needs, but that’s a big mistake. Consider the following ways to revamp your current marketing setup in Texas and beyond.

According to MarketingWeek, “Many marketers are bucking the digital trend and investing more in ensuring customers can touch and experience their products and services.” And so should you!

The most effective way to spread your company’s mission to consumers, sponsors and investors is by carefully balancing online and in-person interactions with your desired audience. This includes showing up and representing your brand at trade shows, exhibits and small local events with a refreshed and new display design!

So, how can you achieve this balance, and revamp your marketing set up for the 2020 trade show season?


While your company’s mission already sets you apart, you need an equally unique display setup to entice consumers to stop at your booth, especially when there are hundreds of others. It’s easy to use the same old canvas prints year in and year out, but use this opportunity to highlight the changes your business has experienced over the year. After all, everyone likes a fresh look.

Tip: Try developing your booth around one unique and visually-pleasing design, new product or a SkyLine Canopies table cover and highlight your logo, mission and any promotions for the upcoming quarter or year! 

Customize Everything

Don’t waste your time with generic canopies just to keep the sun out. Embrace your name, logo, colors and everything else that makes your brand unique. Even making uniforms stand out is beneficial because you, your employees or brand ambassadors can draw intrigue around your brand beyond the booth. Say goodbye to those plain (and boring) khakis and hello to custom designed body flags!

Tip: Customizing every piece of marketing material will not only attract customers in the present, but it will make your brand more recognizable in the future.  

Rebrand Your Image

While rebranding a business might seem daunting, it actually may be the refreshyour employees and company needs.

Rebranding doesn’t need to be a total overhaul. In fact, it can be as simple as adopting a new color scheme for your signage, updating your logo or adding goals to your company’s ethos. Just make sure your digital and display marketing strategies not only reflect these changes but also loudly promote the brand your audience has always known and loved.

Purchase a Specialty Product

Is your current marketing set up customized, branded and well-maintained, but you still feel like your booth needs a little extra something? Then invest in a new and fun specialty product that will make your brand stand out.

Specialty products are unique selling opportunities that will make your booth stand out well above the crowd. This includes items like bow flags, tourist flags, bandanas, scarves, car flags, and more. The options are endless when it comes to physical representation!

Invest In Your Business

Most importantly: revamping your marketing set up is an essential investment into your business that needs to happen as you continuously grow, change and evolve with market standards and trends.

Consumers are not attracted to old, tattered and bland displays. They want new, cutting-edge, and unique - and so do investors and sponsors as well.

When it comes to business, appearance matters, and that means taking the leap with new marketing material and avoiding reprinting on aged and existing displays. As they say, out with the old, in with the new!

Why We Can't Print On Your Existing Display

We get the question all of the time: “Can you print on my existing display?”

The answer: no.

Why? Because the unique material SkyLine Canopies uses is cut from large flat textile sheets that are thicker than normal in order to go through the high-quality dye-sublimation printing process.

SkyLine Canopies can do custom sized tops for your frame (depending on the weight and grade). We can even create new tops for returning clients dedicated to revamping the brand image.

Revamp Your Marketing Setup in Texas

SkyLine Canopies sees your brand as a high-quality investment, and so should you! It’s time to revamp your current marketing setup in Texas and beyond and #BeBoldStandOut from other vendors. Contact us today for assistance with your custom-display needs.

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