Prepare for In-Person Event Safety With Canopies, Tents and More

By Sandra Christian on April 19, 2021

Events have been shut down for over a year in many parts of the country and all over the world, but that may not be the case for much longer. As we adapt to the new normal with event safety precautions and increased technology to protect the public, more events and gatherings will be made possible again. If your business plans on taking part in an expo, conference or another in-person networking event, it’s important to be prepared in a few new ways. Here are some tips to make your next in-person event prep go smoothly. 

Vet the event

Event safety will be the top priority in the coming years. As you make the decision regarding which events your business will attend as a vendor, it’s important to vet the event organizers, location and the precautions being made to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  In most cases, event sites will provide hand sanitizer, require attendees to wear face masks and will have made adjustments in instances where items would normally require attendees to touch the same surface. If the event organizers aren’t taking attendee/vendor safety seriously, it may not be the right event for you and your business, not to mention there’s a high likelihood that the event may be shut down.  

Continue safe practices recommended by the CDC

As you prepare to attend in-person events, refresh your memory on the guidance from the CDC. Some of the top safety recommendations from the CDC include:

  • Wear a mask with two or more layers to stop the spread of COVID-19 to protect yourself and others.
  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from people who do not live with you
  • Avoid crowded, poorly ventilated indoor spaces
  • Know public safety measures in place at the venue
  • Follow food safety measures

And although it shouldn’t need to be said, if you develop any symptoms, including those that may seem like the common cold, do not attend an in-person event, quarantine and when possible, seek a test to confirm a diagnosis. The job of creating a safe space for attendees isn’t solely on the event venue. It requires the teamwork of attendees, vendors and event personnel to ensure everyone remains safe from spreading viruses. 

Create a safe space & communicate event safety expectations

As you market your attendance at an upcoming event, communicate with guests about the expectations of the event venue and how attendees should be prepared. There's a broad spectrum of opinions when it comes to the approach around precautions, so communicating expectations early and often can help to avoid any on-site conflicts with attendees.  

If you have your own booth or table, you can add extra elements to help attendees who visit your booth feel safe and offer touch-free ways to interact with your brand. 

  • Hand sanitizer
  • 6 ft distance markers
  • Plexiglass barriers 
  • Visible QR codes to provide easy, no-touch options for sharing information
  • TV displays featuring video highlights to allow viewers to learn while they stand at a distance
  • Utilize custom tents, table covers, flags or backdrops to educate potential customers

Balancing the importance of being covid-conscious and focusing on what you want to communicate can be a challenge, but tackling them step-by-step can make it easier. Once you’ve considered which precautions your business is ready and willing to take, it's time to visualize your booth, tent or vendor setup. 

Prepare event displays for your booth

Branded displays can mean the difference between appearing like a hobby and a well-respected professional business. Your presence at an event is more than physically being there. It’s your opportunity to create brand awareness - by familiarizing customers with the look, feel and mission of your business. To do that well, invest in displays that tell the story of your brand, describe your services or the benefits and unique value propositions your business provides. Investing in displays can attract new customers, catch the attention of returning customers and position your brand above competitors. 

Stand out & engage attendees

Create opportunities to showcase your brand and engage attendees with creative displays, backdrops or other branded booth assets made with the intention of social sharing. Create an opportunity for attendees to promote your business by offering an entry into a contest or promotional merch in exchange for posting a tagged photo in front of your booth display. Work with your trusted display vendor to produce something one-of-a-kind so your display is sure to have an impact. 

One more feature that may benefit your business is offering a live-stream option for those who want to engage with your brand but can’t attend the event in person or have concerns about event safety. Having a dedicated online moderator can instantly make it a hybrid event which opens up more opportunities to engage with potential customers. 

In-person events are essential for so many businesses to gain new customers and showcase their brand. Use these tips to ensure your next in-person event prep goes smoothly and provides the best return on your investment. 

If you’re ready for in-person event prep to create custom displays for your next event, get your quote.

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