It doesn’t matter if you prefer to hook ‘em or roll tide, it’s all about team spirit! And your spirit should show in your gear. Make sure your event display for sporting events stands out among the crowd when you attend that next little league or homecoming game.
All In Canopies offers all your favorite colors to show off that team pride with a custom-designed event display for sporting events. Choose from colors that reflect a love of any team in the league. Cheering the local high school team? No problem! No matter what team you root for, All In Canopies has you covered.
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Just because it’s raining, doesn’t mean the game will stop. A canopy will keep you dry during inclement weather and protect you from the hot sun during those pre-season games! Plus, you can take that canopy with you when you go to the beach, park, or any other area and show off that team spirit, even in the off season.

Want a little extra protection from the cold air? Choose from our half or full canopy walls. Design them to match your existing display and put them up when you want a little extra buffer from the world around you.
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Your canopy is perfect for tailgating, football games, and other sporting events – but there’s more! Use that canopy for picnics and days at the beach or any other outdoor family event. The sky is the limit. Add an advertisement flag to give your display some height and let people know where to find you! Take it a step further and add a matching table cover and banner. It’s always a good time to cheer on your favorite team and a sports team-themed display is the best way to do it – at the game or at the beach.

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Tailgating is about having a fun time with friends and cheering on that favorite team. A canopy that’s ready to go at a moment’s notice will allow for protection at all of the upcoming games. Plus, it’ll instantly make you the fan for all your friends to come to when they’re hanging out! Bring along your giant cooler, your grill, and get ready for the best tailgate season, yet. Then, head into the big game and root for your favorite team!

Ready to purchase that custom-designed canopy for the next tailgating event? Begin designing your custom event display today with All In Canopies. Contact us for a FREE quote and use #All InSport to save even more on our durable and high-quality canopies!
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