Long-Term Event Displays: Reusable Designs For Long-Term Customer Attraction

By Sandra Christian on April 27, 2020

You’ve done it. You’ve set up your business. You’ve thought through and perfected your personal branding. Events are planned and you’ve mapped out your sales year. Your current clients are helping you build your business through word of mouth. You’re ready to take on more clients. Your marketing displays and client interactions are on point. Now is the time to deploy your marketing budget to your company’s best advantage while keeping costs low, aiding the environment, keeping current clients, and attracting new ones through use of a long-term event display.

Long-Term Event Display: How to Design for Reuse

We meet with a lot of event organizers who can spend 100s or even 1000s of dollars on sponsored printed displays for one-time use. We count on and love working with our repeat customers. It is frequently possible to save a significant amount of time and cash from their marketing budgets by planning and designing sponsored printed displays for multi- and long-term use.  

In your marketing armory, there are several variables that will not change regardless of changes in your marketing approach. When planning your reusable components you should consider deploying only the information which is unlikely to change or will rarely change on those reusable components.

  • The company name
  • The company phone number
  • The company e-mail address
  • The company website address
  • And most importantly your branded artwork.

Once we’ve created your sponsored printed displays for multiple uses, we will help you create additional pieces to be deployed on a one-use or multi-use as-needed basis. This approach is more ecologically friendly, leads to cost savings for your company, and it allows for constant creative updating to bring those new customers to your business.

Planning Reusable Design that Keeps Attracting the Eyes of New Customers

While you have now created a customized canopy that includes your company name, branded artwork, phone number. You can now consider adding textiles that fit each individual event you attend. Table covers, advertisement flags, banners, and backdrops can be made for each new round of #Hashtags, Social Media Handles, Sales, Games, or Competitions. 

Keeping Current Customer Eyes on Your Business

Among the best reasons to use long-term event displays is to make sure your current customers and potential customers recognize you as a specific vendor no matter which event they are attending. Consistent vendor attendance and display across industry events gives customers a clear sense of the reliability of your business. It gives your potential customers the reassurance that your company is a developed, integral, and trustworthy part of the local and national industry.  It encourages them to become and remain valued customers.

Add to this a changing set of flags, table covers, new products, and new approaches to advertising, will lead your audience to keep approaching and purchasing your products and services. 

Rebranding Meets Reuse

When your company decides that it is time to consider completely rebranding, Skyline Canopies will still be here for you and your company. Your company can be thoroughly proud of reusing your textiles tens or even hundreds of times; thereby, keeping unnecessary waste out of landfills. Your ecologically sound decisions will also leave you the budget for rebranding and producing a newly rebranded set of textiles for future events. 

Long-Term Event Displays from SkyLine Canopies

We pride ourselves on creating the textiles that will bring customers to your brand while creating less waste. By choosing to create reusable canopies, table covers, and banners to use in conjunction with smaller consumables-hats, stickers, small banners-we create less waste. Lower financial input and lower amounts of trash at the end of each display day. 

We would love to introduce to our line of products and to help design your company’s future. Call, e-mail, or request a quote today.

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