Tips for Marketing Your Business During the COVID-19 Outbreak

By Sandra Christian on May 4, 2020

COVID-19 is changing the way people live their lives, do business, and function in society. While this crisis has had a huge impact on businesses across nearly every industry, there are still strategies business owners can implement to be successful. Use these tips for marketing your business during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Highlight Availability

If you’re open for business, it’s important that your customers know. With a lot of businesses closed, it can be hard for consumers to know who is and who isn’t. Use your website, social media platforms, and even building signage to highlight that you’re open, any new hours, or pertinent information that your customers need. A large, concise banner is an excellent (and easy) way to communicate your status! 

Get Online

If your business isn’t already online - now is the time to make it happen. From social media to an updated website, online communication is the easiest and most effective way to stay in touch with your clientele. Not to mention, it’s like you have a little more downtime than usual. Take advantage of that and use the time to set up your website. 

Already have a website? Be sure to update your hours, availability, and more. And...don’t forget to update your hours in your search engine listings! 

Communicate With Customers

Communication is key during a global crisis. Utilize that email list and send an occasional newsletter to stay in the forefront of your customers’ minds. They’ll remember your helpful insight and product updates when the crisis ends and (hopefully!) head directly to your business! 

Explore More Options

Restaurants were one of the first targets for shutdowns across the country. Those that quickly adapted to the new rules were able to serve customers in new ways. Through carryout and delivery options, many restaurants are able to continue service, while also complying with regulations.

Likewise, retail stores have been able to implement pickup and delivery services as well, thus offsetting the long-term closures.

Change Course

Change your marketing! If you were used to referrals before the virus outbreak, there’s a chance that marketing strategy for business isn't going to work for you anymore. Instead, focus on things like online marketing, bold advertising, and innovative ways to get more people into your business.

Back to Roots

Community has always been important but is critical during the global health crisis. In fact, one of the best tips for marketing your business during the COVID-19 outbreak is to focus on your roots within your community. Small businesses have a special advantage here because they are already a big part of the community. Let your fellow community members know that you’re in the thick of it and that you’re ready to serve them. 

Social Media

With people out of work and stuck in the house, they’re spending a lot more time on social media. Now is an excellent time to start (or uplevel) your social media marketing strategy. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest - you can target your ideal clients and make more connections with those that need your products and services. Even if you’ve not had much success with social media in the past, give it a try now! 

Unique Methods

If you’re serving your customers curbside or you’re looking at new ways to meet their needs outside of an enclosed area, you’re going to have to think about things like weather! Choose a canopy from SkyLine Canopies to protect against rain and sun while you serve your customers in this new and exciting way. Your custom-branded canopy will help your customers know exactly where to go. And, don’t worry, once things get back to normal, you can use the canopy for trade shows, events, and even tailgating! 

Navigating this crisis isn’t easy for anyone, but embracing new ways to adapt and using these tips for marketing your business during the COVID-19 outbreak can help you succeed. Focus on marketing, helping your clients, and protecting your business and you’ll be successful long-term.

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