How to Order Your Custom Event Display

By Sandra Christian on June 29, 2020

Your business is made up of a number of crucial factors, and brand awareness is a key component for success in any field. Brand recognition is often the first step to driving performance-marketing goals, such as leads and sales, and it is invariably the special factor that sets you apart from the competition. Ordering your event display can seem like a daunting task, so we like to keep it simple and easy for our customers, allowing you to allocate your finances and attention on other endeavors. Here are our tips on how you can easily order your custom event display.

Be true to your business

Our first tip is one that delves into your passion for your company. As our products are made to last, we recommend thinking long term designs, something that would make you proud to use over and over again.

When coming up with a design, whether it's one you make yourself or one you hire a graphic designer to create, we suggest that it should stay true to your business name, brand colors and logos that your customers already associate with your company. We recommend trying a couple of color schemes and branding images before landing on one that truly represents your company. To further learn about how you can make a memorable display, check out our blog post, “5 Tips For Designing Your Branded Event Display”.

Visualize the product: Think about the space where you will be needing your event displays before creating your customized products. For example, if your display table is against a wall, consider putting your most important information on the top half portion of your design. If your flag can only be seen one way (e.g. it is stuck on a wall), you would want a single-sided flag while a double-sided flag that can have marketing language on both sides, is better if it’s free flying. When visualizing the product, versatility is an important factor as good design needs to be impressive on its own, as well as when it is put together with the rest of the branding products. If you don’t have a lot of space for your display, invest in vertical flags and banners that will allow you to share vital information about your company, while maximizing limited space. Your custom display design should look good standing alone as well as work as a cohesive piece with the rest of your branding assets.

#BeBoldStandOut by Ordering Your Custom Event Display

When it comes to display signs, we know that bigger usually means better. On average, you only have 5-8 seconds to capture your audience's attention. With businesses looking drastically different in the era of COVID-19 and fewer in-person interactions, we recommend being bold and using big fonts to attract potential customers that are driving by.

Customize, customize, customize: Customization is not only based on your needs, but can reflect the changing landscape of commerce and your customers needs. It allows you to take full charge of your brand identity and image. Due to COVID-19 our clients have been getting creative. We have recently made displays and canopies for them that state that they are now operating as a “curbside pickup” or “to go” business. To create your customized product yourself (based on our tips!), you’ll need to use one of our event display templates. The templates are downloadable and are labelled clearly to suit your requirements e.g. 9 ft straight flag (double-sided/single sided). Whether you need banners, flags, backdrops, protective gear, etc, there is a template for you! Check out our artwork material post on how you can get started on your design.

Ask for help!

We are here to make it easier for you, every step of the way. We understand that designing for your company may not come naturally to you, and we are here to collaborate! Once we receive your project assets through the custom quote form, our team will work closely with you until we achieve your vision. Our custom quote form asks about your design details such as pantone color code, fonts and other brand identity factors, as well as vectorized logo files. If figuring out font dimensions, placement and design isn’t your forte, we can help!

How to Order Your Custom Event Display

It's simple. Request a quote and let us help you create your custom event display today!

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