Ensuring you stand out at your next event is essential in today’s dog-eat-dog world. Make your business stand out by adding custom branded event displays for pet vendors exclusively from SkyLine Canopies.
Texas is known for being a huge pet industry hub. As such, you need to make sure to capitalize on every industry event — and make sure your business stands out among the rest. The best way to ensure you will stand out from the crowd is to invest in custom designed event displays for your next vendor event.

There are countless event display options to help your brand attract attention. We recommend banners, table covers and even advertisement flags — those always make a statement. What statement do you want to make? The SkyLine Canopies design team makes the design process simple and easy to create an event display that attracts customers!

SkyLine Canopies is proud to partner with leaders in the pet industry. Everything from booths to teardrops to body flags and bandanas, SkyLine Canopies has you covered. If you will be out in the Texas heat this summer and want to make sure your 2- and 4-legged friends are kept cool, take a look at our shade canopies. But hurry! Quality canopies like ours will make the difference between having a lot of visitors to your booth or having none.


With so many competitors in the Texas pet industry and beyond, it is vital to your company to continually showcase your brand. What better way to do so than custom-designed event displays! Word of mouth will travel quickly once customers see your awesome branded designs at the next event.

Not yet convinced you need a branded display for events? Take a look at these 2019 statistics from the American Pet Products Association:
67% of all households own at least one pet, according to the 2019-2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey.
Vet visits for one dog racked up almost $640 a year, while cat vet visits came in around $375.
Food costs for both dogs and cats were a little less than $300.
Grooming and toys for dogs on average amount to almost $150, while cats were a little less expensive at around $75.
In 2019 alone, the pet industry had expenditures upwards of $95.7 billion. If you want your share of that revenue, you need to have attractive and cohesive branding!

Want to get a head start on your branding efforts before booth season truly begins for this year? Use our no-obligation Request A Quote form to start discussing your ideas today!


You don’t want to be the only company at that next pet industry event that isn’t prepared with tons of custom-designed branded products! You want to stand out for the right reasons, not the wrong ones! Take a look through the SkyLine Canopies Gallery for ideas or use the chat option below. We love the design process and can help you decide what will work best for your business. Whether it’s a canopy, table cover or body flag, we’ve got you covered! Set the right tone and image for your company!
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Custom-designed event displays accentuate your brand, and an attractive booth is essential to draw a crowd at the next pet industry event. Not sure where to start? Let us help you! The SkyLine Canopies team of talented designers are ready to help you woo new pet-loving customers!