Preferred Vendor Listings

By Sandra Christian on March 15, 2021

Preferred vendor listings can help build brand awareness for businesses as well as vendors. There are many benefits to adding SkyLine Canopies to your preferred vendor listings. Today, we’ll talk about some of the reasons that you might want to add us to your preferred vendors. (Plus, we’ll even discuss how listing a vendor in preferred specifications can help you grow your brand).  

What Are Preferred Vendor Listings? 

Simply put, these listings are just a way for you to show off the brands that you love to use. It’s a way for you to promote your favorite products and give your network a chance to see what services you like to use and why you think they’re the best. Preferred vendor listings can include a lot about why you love a business or they can just include basic information that your network can use to connect with that business. Use the listings on your site or in materials that you put out to new (and returning) clients that are attending your trade shows and events.

Listing a vendor with your preferred specifications is also a great way to build a repertoire. Those who are new to the trade show and event space will be especially appreciative of having preferred vendor listings so that they can be prepared for the event! 

Creating a Listing for Preferred Vendors 

When you create a listing for SkyLine Canopies as one of your preferred vendors, you’ll have the opportunity to highlight a brand that you love while also showcasing your commitment to helping vendors thrive at your event. Here are some great benefits to adding us to your preferred vendor list: 

  • Streamlined process for getting set up as an affiliate with SkyLine Canopies — get rewarded for referring businesses to us! 
  • Quality you can count on — you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing the vendors at your event have the highest quality marketing materials including canopies, flags and displays
  • Featured posts — we put out a yearly post featuring upcoming events where we’re preferred vendors where you can gain valuable exposure for your event! 

When you share our contact information on your preferred vendor list, you’ll be able to enjoy these opportunties and many more. Adding us to the preferred vendors at your trade show or event can help increase brand awareness and give you a way to ensure your vendors will have quality products! 

Want to gain even more support? Properly link our logo and website to your site and build support for your network! 

Small Businesses: We’re All in This Together

For small businesses, it can seem like we’re always taking one hit after another, but the good news is: we’re all in this together! Over half of all businesses are searching for product and vendor information using social media or websites. This means that you can’t afford to lose out on the exposure that you’ll create with preferred vendor listings. By adding SkyLine Canopies to your preferred list, you can create valuable backlinks that have the potential to increase your reach and give you even more exposure to customers who might not have ever known about your business! 

Big Business and Organizations

Even big larger-scale operations can benefit from adding SkyLine Canopies to their preferred vendor list. If you are part of the decision-making team at a large company or organization, consider adding us to your preferred vendor list. We have been featured on preferred listings for: 

  • Alliance organizations
  • Non-profits
  • Franchises 
  • Guilds 
  • And More

Adding us to your list will allow you to create a cohesive branding message from location to location and can ensure that your company is able to maintain quality standards even from different locations. As a large business or organization, this is an important part of a streamlined marketing plan and can help build trust and client loyalty. 

As a company with roots in marketing, we understand the importance of creating valuable connections and building up our networks. We love working with new clients and love it when we can both help each other out with preferred vendor and networking opportunities. Get your SkyLine Canopies product quote today or contact us if you have questions about adding us to your list! 

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