Request for Proposals - SkyLine Canopies Supports Government Projects!

By Sandra Christian on October 14, 2019

At SkyLine Canopies we pride ourselves in providing our clients enhanced brand awareness and increased targeted customer engagement at corporate functions, trade shows, community events and sports venues. We also love working with government entities that require Request for Proposals (RFPs).

Our client’s trust us to be able to provide a high-quality product that can be shipped quickly whenever and wherever they need it.  From production to delivery, SkyLine Canopies products can arrive in under two weeks!

We support all projects big and small – from the single item order of one custom-branded table cover to supplying 50+ tents for events across the United States.  Our mission is for our clients to exceed their brand reach!

Competitive Edge

SkyLine Canopies was started by Sandra Christian in 2016. She saw the need to bring a higher quality and affordable range of products to the market in her community. Out of her desire to meet the demands of her market she and her team developed and launched a range of products, service support, quality standards and quick turn-around times to align with her client’s needs and wants. 

SkyLine Canopies Completes Request for Proposals (RFP)

In some situations, our clients are required to put out a Request for Proposal to multiple vendors for quotes. At SkyLine Canopies we love the opportunity to submit a quote along-side our competitors. We know our competitive pricing is tough competition. Many times we have been able to produce display quantities below the spending limit and made the process super easy and simple for our government organization contacts.

Some organizations and business clients have downloaded/requested our product templates and request the design to be created by their own marketing department for immediate approval. That cuts the processing time significantly for items such as detailed banner stands or backdrops.

Get with us before the physical year is over so we can help you with your custom branded display needs. Not ready to purchase something just yet? Let us help you plan ahead for the start of the year when "new money/budget" is allocated for marketing/advertising needs such as branded displays. Consider spending part of your budget with a certified small business, woman-owned enterprise.

For large quantity distribution & production details, we work closely with our clients to finalize all details. We recently had a client who ordered 500 graduation sashes. Production was paid upfront and we wanted to make sure the product was correctly made to satisfy our client. We first sent a "test sash" for approval before completing the production. We also needed an extra two weeks to complete production, which was communicated well in advance to the client.

Let us know if you have an RFP that is out for a quote – we would be honored to throw our hat into the ring.

What’s included in an RFP?

An RFP, submitted by a client, typically includes all the details required for larger project support – i.e. signage, flags, table covers, etc. 

These types of requests are set up in a way so that it is easy for the Client to compare costs of design, support, availability, product costs, and delivery time…to name a few. We believe that more detail is better as it takes all the guess work out of the project requirements.

Some RFP’s also want to understand involvement of the suppliers within the community. This could include information about organizations that vendors participate in, such as the Chamber of Commerce. Increased engagement in community organizations helps to provide insight as to the vendor’s support of the community).

While an RFP can often seem tedious to complete, the list of requirements from the client actually assists the vendor in understanding whether they are qualified to fulfill the requirements. Ultimately, no one wants to take a job they aren’t capable of completing.

RFP Review

Once all the RFP’s have been reviewed the client will chose a vendor based on their needs – needs could be related to cost and/or turn-around time. 

For most businesses, costs will be a huge decision factor in picking a vendor. One of the significant benefits of utilizing RFP’s for quotes is to ensure that vendors are aware they are competing for the business and allow them to provide their “best quote”.

When the go ahead/approval has been given to the RFP winner that means it’s time for the vendor to get to work.

RFP for Every Project? 

Even if you have an amazing relationship with your vendor, requesting an RFP from multiple vendors is not personal – it is business. 

Your business wants to ensure they have all their bases covered with regard to getting the best price and quality of products. Utilizing an RFP is one way to ensure that is the case.

Downside of an RFP

One downside to an RFP is timing.

Setting up an RFP document, sending out the requests, waiting for proposals, reviews, Q&A, and the approval process all take time. Planning out your projects in advance is always preferred, but it is not always the way business goes. 

Tip: If you are sending out an RFP, don’t be shy to ask for a quick turn around on feedback. Be transparent about your deadlines for delivery. If the vendor wants and can support your business request – they should have all the information, product, and support ready to provide you.

SkyLine Canopies Is RFP Ready!

If your business has a project coming up, we are ready to support your RFP and/or Quote requests! In advance of your request please check out our Capability Statement for a preview into our qualifications to support your Business. 

Our Capability Statement includes:

  • Core Competencies
  • Competitive Differentiators 
  • SCTRCA Certificate Details
  • Memberships & Alliances with the Chamber of Commerce(s)
  • References – Including Government, Foundations, Service Departments (Fire), and Charitable Organizations
  • Tax ID/EIN
  • Commodity Codes

Your Custom-Branded Gear in Texas

Whether you are looking for custom-branded gear for a sporting event, a business expo or a trade show, SkyLine Canopies has you covered. Need more information? Contact SkyLine Canopies today and we’ll walk you through our step-by-step process and help you make your next business event a success. 

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