How to Use SkyLine Products When You're Not at Events

By Sandra Christian on February 1, 2021

Most often people purchase canopies, banners and other marketing materials from SkyLine Canopies to use at events. These are a great investment and will often pay for themselves just by using them for their exclusive purposes, but they can do so much more. Our reusable promotional products can be used for many different applications.

Collab with Other Businesses

If you want to get the most use out of flags, banners and other reusable promotional products, collaborate with businesses that give you more visibility. Rather than working with direct competitors, try to find other companies that offer products or services in the same space. You can simply ask businesses to set up your advertisement flags or you could offer an exchange — you display their advertisement in your space and they display yours in theirs. Or consider offering a shoutout on your website or social media to direct people to their business.

This is a great way to not only get more exposure to potential customers but also build connections within the industry that you can use for networking! Consider working with pet vendors, Realtors and even non-profits! Since these locations get a lot of traffic, you may be able to reach people who wouldn't otherwise know about your business.

Take Products Along with You

If you’re going to a work event or even an event in your personal life, you can take your promotional products along with you. You may have an opportunity to display them and gain customers you wouldn’t have even thought about. Many reusable promotional products from SkyLine Canopies are portable and designed to be easy to take along with you wherever you go. There are many situations where you could display your flags and advertise your business. Consider taking them when you're at sporting events, outdoor family events and any other time you can create more visibility! 

Create Brand Awareness

As a business, your brand is your identity and it’s important that your customers (and even potential customers) recognize your branding. Make sure all of your marketing materials match your branding so people will immediately recognize who is advertising. By always including your branding and advertising as much as possible, you will build brand awareness that can help you increase your business. Even those who do not need your services will recognize you as a brand and you may increase your sales through referrals. 

Your branding should be clear and immediately recognizable. From business cards to advertisements flags and right down to your email signature, your customers should know it's you at a quick glance! If you are just getting started or you need help with branding your marketing materials, work with our professional designers at SkyLine Canopies to ensure your ideas will work with our promotional products! 

Use the Products Residentially

Just because you have products designed for your business doesn’t mean you have to only use them in business settings. Consider using your flags and banners in your residential area. Advertising your business in this way will appeal to your neighbors and may help you reach an audience you didn’t know about before. If you live in a rented space or you are part of an HOA, it’s important to make sure you are within any regulations before setting up your advertisement.

Some eye-catching ideas include putting a small flag up, using your business canopy during a yard sale or even using one of our advertisement banners to let your neighbors know about your business!

Switch Out Walls on Canopies

You have the option to purchase half- and full-sized walls for our canopies. This allows you to use them for many more events and adds versatility to your reusable promotional products. If you are having a sale, an upcoming event or something you want your customers to know about, you can purchase different walls to switch out for different times! This is also a great idea to use if your selection changes seasonally. Purchase walls for each season so that your advertisement products will always be timely.

More Ideas for Your Reusable Products

  • Canopies: Family/block party celebrations, non-profit/event sponsor shade, lend it to vendor friends, take it to the beach/park/lake (Remember to always follow regulations and handle & care instructions!
  • Table Covers: Collaborate with real estate professionals for open houses, use it when you have family/friends visit, ask to do a frequent popup at a restaurant or privately-owned locations, generate a consistent schedule on where you will be set up.
  • Banner Stands: Have you done a banner exchange with a local business? Swap out banner stands for a week, a month or longer.
  • Mini Flags: Bring it with you to every meeting opportunity and lunch one-on-one. Small product with big impact!
  • Non-Medical Protective Gear: Custom wearables are produced to be worn by either yourself to promote your brand or by clients who don't mind sharing yours.
  • Advertisement Flags: If you have a brick-n-mortar business, these are easy to use every day, but don't forget to bring it with you to community events or as an eye-catcher on the beach. Are you planning to open a business in 2021? Use the flag every chance you get to share it in your community and build awareness.
  • Backdrop: Consider upgrading your backdrop to double-sided print. One side informational with contact info, and the second side as a branded step-n-repeat for sponsored events.

Advertisement products are an investment, and we know you want to get as much use out of them as possible. Take advantage of all the different ways you can use products from SkyLine Canopies! Are you ready to explore our reusable promotional products? Or maybe you want to add on to a product you already have? Either way, check out the SkyLine Canopies products that can be uses over and over again.

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