#BeBoldStandOut With Social Media Marketing

By Sandra Christian on September 23, 2019

Marketing is no longer ‘just’ about rocking your brand by launching your website, setting up your retail storefront and selling your products/services. Unfortunately, ‘just’ doing the marketing basics is no longer acceptable. Today in order to #beboldstandout you need to ROCK your Social Media game plan alongside your marketing plan, brand, website, retail and sales! Your Social Media Marketing plan should be viewed as an additional storefront for your Company.

Why Does Your Company Need Social Media Marketing?

To keep it simple – the majority of companies are in the social media game, and if you are not there is a good chance a segment of your audience won’t find you. In the same way your audience finds your SkyLine Canopies branded gear at a trade show, social media allows you to reach customers you won’t see in person.

Social Media is a friend to SkyLine Canopies. It helps us showcase our products, services and our messages in real-time. With a direct connection to our customers, we can offer advice, strategies and promotions in real-time. In fact, you’ll want to join our Facebook group today so you don’t miss out!

Social Media Marketing Partnerships

“If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” Sound familiar?

Social Media is a great way to form partnerships with your clients, your competitors and your business partners.

At SkyLine Canopies we love partnerships and spend a lot of time showcasing our client's Tents and Flags on our website and via social media. We are proud of the work we have done for our clients, are always excited to promote our client’s branded tents and signs. Not only does that give our clients additional exposure, but we get to show off our creative designs and quality products as well.

Promoting clients is a no brainer! Check out our Instagram and Pinterest profiles and you will find hundreds of our clients’ tents, canopies, and flags flying proudly in our feeds.

Another way our client’s partner to promote their brands through social media is by teaming up with a ‘shout-out’ to their own business partners (dare we say competitors in some cases). Consider two like-minded businesses side-by-side at a conference. In addition to allowing their customers to know where they are, one business might also include a shout-out to their fabulous neighbors. By adding relevant hashtags and tagging other local businesses, the extent of the post reach increases dramatically, as do partnerships and friendships with the other business.

Check out our recent blog on Surrounding Yourself with Greatness – we talk partnerships and working with others to help excel your own business.

Popular Social Media Marketing Platforms – The Cool Kids

We are pretty confident that you are aware of the Original Social Media Channels – Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. However, there is also Twitter and YouTube, and the newest kid to the social media channels is TikTok!

While it’s easy to get bogged down in the details, today we are going to focus on the original three.


Facebook might be considered THE original social media channel (second to a website). The typical audience age is a bit older (over 28), so keep in mind who your ideal customer when choosing the platform.

Facebook is a great place to tell a story as longer messages are considered acceptable. (The character limit on Facebook is 63,206!) One thing to keep in mind is the attention span of your audience. If your story is too long – it’s better to create a blog post, and promote that post through Facebook with a link back to your website...just like we will be doing with this post!

Did you know? Instagram and Facebook are owned by the same people. You can set up your Instagram account to auto-post to Facebook, meaning that you can reuse your content to reach multiple audiences.


Much like Facebook you can post multiple photos and tell your story – but you are significantly limited by a character limit of 2,200. The Insta world is for short and sweet stories – and eye-catching images. Your pictures can and should do most of your talking.

Hint: For both Instagram and Facebook if you are looking to engage with your audience – engage. We recommend that if any comments are posted to your account – respond. A simple thank you 🙏for their insight or an answer to their question(s). If the comment is negative – don’t just defend! Investigate the why behind their comment and see if you can address the issue.


Consider Pinterest to be your company’s art portfolio – a portfolio of images directly related to your brand, your company, and inspirations behind your community. You can effectively organize and promote your images all in one location. Pinterest is a search engine, much like Google, which means that your posts/images remain relevant much longer than any other platform.

At SkyLine Canopies we use Pinterest to post images of our client’s tents and canopies and to showcase our products. If anyone is ‘searching’ for a custom branded tent it’s our hope that one of our images will come up in their feed and generate an opportunity for us to serve them.

Social Media Profiles – All THREE Channels

Social media is a quick impression, a like, a follow and (hopefully) engagement. Focus on being creative and concise in your message.

Your profile is a quick glance into who you are – it is your ‘elevator pitch’ as we say in the marketing-sales world. Instagram limits your description to only 150 characters! We encourage you to take the time to effectively and creatively communicate YOU and your brand.

#BeBoldStandOut. Remember you don’t have the attention of an elevator ride – you have about two to three seconds of time…use them wisely! Use creative and relatable language…maybe even throw in some emojis 🇺🇸 to cut down on character count and engage with your audience.

Social Media Marketing and Skyline Canopies

With social media you have more control of your message, a great ability to reach your audience and the ability to share more frequently with your followers. Put a plan in place to be consistent, embrace creativity, and just have fun. That’s what it’s all about, right?

Have you partnered with SkyLine Canopies? If not, we’d love to connect. We GUARANTEE that we will be showcasing your custom branded products on all of our marketing channels. We are proud to work with you, and we are proud to display your displays!

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