Understanding the acronyms that define your colors

By Sandra Christian on October 2, 2018

Understanding color acronyms to facilitate the custom product design process. If you’re considering bringing your business into the skyline with a custom business canopy, you are someone who is not looking for a temporary fix, something that will blow away or easily break — and you are definitely not interested in bland. You are the business owner we live to serve.

You are the one who cares about putting only the best out there and who is not afraid to be bold, stand out and for goodness’ sake, if you are going to figuratively stand on the shoulders of lesser men, have something worthwhile to look at when you get to the top. You’re a trailblazer, a pioneer and you are the one the competition looks to wondering how you always get it SO right.

But you may not be a web design guru or a graphic artist. And that is okay. When you partner with SkyLine Canopies, we have a team that makes sure every step is right when designing your custom business canopy and representing your brand on our products. Still, it may help to understand color acronyms to more easily navigate the custom product design process.

Pantone Matching System (PMS)

Remember the Dewey Decimal System in the library? Yeah, I’m showing my age... but if you are familiar, the Pantone Matching System is in line with that. PMS is a color matching system. Think thousands of colored swatches, each assigned a number. Most corporate logos have colors identified within this system. This system usually works best with one to two colors making up the image.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Key (CMYK)

If you want to use a photographic image with a great variety of colors involved on your custom business canopy, the process would be far too tedious to enlist Pantone matching. This is when CMYK comes in to play. This is also referred to as a four-color process, and each variance in color is procured through percentages of the four primary colors used in CMYK, which the human eye blends to visually see the desired color.

PMS vs CMYK vs RGB Color Acronyms

PMS and CMYK are used for printing processes. RGB is a color system used for digital display only and is irrelevant to any printing jobs you may need. However, if you need to convey a color that is only identified on a webpage, for instance, you will need to translate it correctly to the printer. So an RGB color defined as r140/g198/b63, would translate as 50% Cyan/ 0% Magenta/ 100% Yellow/ 0% Black and a PMS of 376 green.

We've already covered why your logo should be a Vector file. But rest easy, SkyLine Canopies will be with you throughout the custom product design process to ensure you are satisfied with your custom business canopies, tents, flags and other promotional materials that display your brand and represent your company.

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