Franchisors & Franchisees: Uniformed Marketing Exposure

By Sandra Christian on April 7, 2020

Score a win for the home team when you invest in high-quality marketing materials. Thanks to SkyLine Canopies you can stretch your marketing money while you do so. We help you slide into the driver’s seat with everything you need for uniformed marketing for franchises across a variety of events and activities. Marketing campaigns, fundraisers, training expos, and outdoor venues—let us cover your assets and visitors through the use of custom backdrops, canopies, flags, table covers, banners, and more.

Uniformed Marketing for Franchises

As part of your overall marketing strategy, canopies are beneficial for impactful messaging with on-brand colors as part of comprehensive logo design. By adding height and coverage to the rest of the event display, custom canopies promote uniformed marketing exposure for franchises and franchisees. 

Want to show up to the trade shows with torn or threadbare coverings? No company does. Upgrade the way you represent your business with a ready-to-roll custom canopy for both form and function.

Be Brand-Proud

As a franchisee, you want to showcase the pride you have in your brand and build up your local presence. It all starts with a canopy spread wide across your presentation space. Whether you are at a trade show, festival, or tailgating event, your brand will be covered, literally and figuratively, thanks to a newly printed, professionally designed display. You'll want:

  • Advertisement flags with directional information
  • Backdrops for photo booths
  • Banners for advertising event details
  • Canopy tents for indoor and outdoor use
  • Event displays featuring mobile podiums and tablet stands for registrations
  • Table covers made with a stretched, fitted, or loose design for indoors and outdoors

Specialty products designed for brand recognition can be printed in full color. Start with a free consultation with our in-house print designer. Use our free product templates and shipping—also free. That way you can make an economical choice in your selection of SkyLine Canopies products. We give you a quick turnaround time along with the utmost in quality. 

Create Uniform Marketing for Franchise Displays

Eliminate the time (and money) it takes to reinvent the wheel and create a custom-branded marketing set-up that all of your franchisees can choose from. For example, we've set up a line of custom-made products exclusively for The Birdwell Foundation, a non-profit organization with multiple affiliatesOne design makes it easy for each franchisee to pick and choose the individual event display items they need, with the foundation logo and branding (#NoOneHealsAlone) already in place.

Gain Visibility

A well designed and printed canopy increases visibility. Our custom designed event displays help insure uniformed marketing exposure at every event. How? Thanks to seamless branding and precision color selection. We work with a variety of industries including the health and food industry, pet vendors, and the beverage industry in marketing their businesses at events.

Take a peek at the way we work in the health-related events market. Whether you are talking about an activewear brand or a running company, SkyLine Canopies has designed event displays that make a spectacular splash. We’ve transformed, canopies, backdrops, table covers and more to create a comprehensive marketing display that can be reused and functional for a long-term investment. Increase your marketing capacity as you stand out from the crowd in the best way possible.

Want to see another way to get excellent visibility for your brand? Consider The Great American Franchise Expo (GAFE). Also known as the San Antonio Franchise Trade Show and Expo, The GAFE is coming up on September 19-20, 2020. Based in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, this expo showcase will house all of the top franchisors and franchisees. Here you can mix and mingle with the big wigs across all industries and explore what they are offering product-wise right along with the latest moves in their uniformed marketing efforts. 

Uniformed Marketing with SkyLine Canopies

Find out more about SkyLine Canopies by contacting us online. You can also request a quote right away. Choose our custom display signage and promotional materials for your upcoming franchisor (and franchisee) events. 

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