The History of the Vendor Market (And Why It Matters Now!)

By Sandra Christian on March 16, 2020
Isn’t it interesting how we have always come together as a culture to exchange goods and services? How one day, thousands of years ago, the concept of a ‘marketplace’ all started? There have been many changes to the marketplace and vendor displays of yesteryear with the evolution of travel, currency, and hierarchy of goods. Ever wonder how the vendor markets and events of today came to be? So did we.

Vendor Markets in History

Markets date back to as early as 3,000 BCE and came in many different shapes and sizes. Vendors gathered together in a town square or central meeting place. Visitors perused each vendor display to see the status and quality of each other’s goods. If a patron found something at a vendor’s cart they wanted to buy, bartering would take place and the trade of goods and services would commence.
Marketplaces were the hub of the town. People exchanged gossip, requested help, and discussed matters of the community. One could even make connections to a common day chamber of commerce, networking event or co-op.
While things have changed a lot since those initial markets, there are many things we can learn from them.

The Historical Vendor Displays

Even as a vendor at one of the historical markets, it was important to stand out from the competition. How they did that varied based on the vendor. Some would offer specials, discounting their products. Others would charge a premium promising that their fruit was grown on spiritual land, and thus better than the competition. Still others would partner with other vendors and offer discounts if you purchased from both. The need to stand out at all sorts of marketplaces is just as old as the marketplace itself! 
If you think about it, the practices of vendors have not really changed much from the early days. When you go to your next vendor event take a look around - you’ll see specials, discounts and partnerships! And, you'll also see products marketed at a premium, swearing that some aspect is higher quality than every other vendor around them

Vendor Markets Today

Markets today are very similar, except we typically refer to them as farmer's markets, expositions, and conferences. We come together to sell our products and services and get the opportunity to engage with likeminded individuals. Partnerships and specials are still a thing, and everyone wants to stand out among the crowd.
The difference is how we do it. In today's society, creating a brand and message that stands out is critical. By doing so, and providing quality products, you'll beat out the competition and remain successful long-term. Branded canopies, banners, flags and table covers make it all that much easier to stand out among the crowd!
And it goes far beyond the market itself. While your ancestors may have been able to stand in the same spot in the town square, day after day, you don't have that luxury. Businesses need to be actively promoting their brands at all times - online, in-store AND at the market.

So, what lessons can we take from our ancestors?

Sure, looking back it might have seemed easier to be a vendor in the past, but the truth is that any business takes work to run. At SkyLine Canopies, we go out of our way to help you stay at the forefront of your customer's minds. From custom-designed canopies to branded advertisement flags and banners, you'll remain a business that people remember - long after the market closes.
Not sure where to start or how to get your ideal branding across? Schedule a free consultation. Our team of expert designers will walk you through the vendor display design process step-by-step, ensuring you get the results you want. Because, while the history of the marketplace is important to understand: the future of the marketplace is where you want to end up! Call us today! 

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