What is a Feather Flag?

By Sandra Christian on August 5, 2019

I’ll let you in on a secret – a feather flag is a FLAG! Feather flag advertising is rising in popularity, so read on to find out how you can use a feather flag yourself.

A feather flag is not like the ones you hang from your house or wave at a parade; however, it serves close to the same purpose. A flag is meant to represent something you believe in. In the case of a feather flag, it’s designed to represent your company, business, product or location. It is a part of your signage, aligns with your marketing plan and is a reflection of your brand.

What Makes a Feather Flag Unique?

A feather flag has a similar shape to a feather, but I would challenge the ‘direct’ comparison to a feather because we don’t want to offend our bird friends. To keep it simple - feather flags are tall, slim, and colorful.

One of the best features of feather flag signage is that it takes up very minimal real estate at your event or business.

A Feather Flag helps you #BeBoldStandOut.

Why Choose A Feather Flag?

Choosing any signage to represent your business requires considering location, location, location.

Custom feather flag advertising is the perfect way to identify your business inside and outside. Due to its slim design, there are few location boundaries. If real estate is an issue at your event – a feather flag takes up very little floor space compared to a sandwich board, easel or even a banner. More floor space means less clutter and more of a welcoming environment for your guests.

Whether you are in a crowded room or at a massive outdoor event, you know that height matters. By increasing the height of your booth, you’ll be visible to potential clients above the clutter of other vendors. You can be guaranteed a feather flag will #BeBoldStandOut amongst the masses.

Bonus: Feather flags are very easy to set-up and pack-up. Feather flags are durable, lightweight and easy to store. When time is an issue – setting up your flag is the quickest way to let your guests know who and where you are. Your feather flag will stake a place at your event!

How to Optimize your Feather Flag Position

Location is key to optimizing the marketing power of your feather flag. Where you choose to place your feather flag is essential. #FirstImpressions are crucial so you want to ensure everyone can identify your business from a distance.

Each event and location will be different, so make sure to consider the following when deciding how many flags you will use, how tall they should be, and where to place them.

Events for Your Feather Flag:

  • Indoors or Outdoors: If your event is outdoors, consider weather in the mix of considerations.
  • Longevity: How long is the event?
  • Size: How big is the room? How many acres is the event?
  • Event Type: Conference, fair, meeting, sporting event, product launch, kids, etc.
  • Event Designated Space: How much space have you been allotted – including the front and sides of your booth
  • Traffic: How will be people traveling by you? Walking, biking, driving?
  • Crowds: How many people are expected to be at the event? 
  • Visibility: How far away would a person have to be to recognize your brand or offer on the flag?
  • Purpose: Are you advertising your brand or a product/service of your brand?

Feather Flag at Your Business Location:

  • Size – Size of your property
  • Longevity – How long do you plan to display the flag
  • Access – How far from your business will you place your flag?
  • Exposure – How much is the vehicle and foot traffic on your street?
  • Visibility – How far away would a vehicle or person have to be to recognize your brand or offer?
  • Purpose – Are you advertising your location or a product/service of your business?

How Many Custom-Designed Flags?

The number of flags you should use is dependent on all of the factors listed above. If you have a big space (such as your own building) – you may want to have several flags. On the other hand, if you are at a convention and there are thousands of people, you’ll probably want to stick with one to two flags.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you.

Texas Custom Feather Flag Advertising

If you are considering feather flag advertising for your business or event, reach out to SkyLine Canopies today. Our custom feather flags come in four different styles and a height of up to 17 feet. Design it yourself or allow us to do it for you but either way, let’s make a plan together so your business can #BeBoldStandOut among the crowd.

Already have a feather flag? Check out our post on how to take care of your flag.

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